No casualty from fire outbreak at Orchard Plaza

No casualty from fire outbreak at Orchard Plaza

There was a fire outbreak at the Orchard Plaza’s car park on 21 December, 2015 but there was no casualty.

On Monday evening, a pile of garbage caught fire in the Orchard Plaza’s car park causing shopkeepers and tenants to run helter-skelter in a bid to extinguish the fire.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) stated that the fire was extinguished by a security guard before the arrival of firefighters. The cause of the fire is, however, being investigated.

A sales assistant, Jasmine Ang, 46 years old, said she perceived a strong smell of something burning and then saw dark smoke oozing from the door leading to the car park. She firther stated that some tenants made efforts to go and put out the fire at the car park.

It was the latest among fire incidents that happened on the shopping street in the month.

On Friday, 18 December, a fire outbreak occurred at Lucky Plaza leading to the vacation of the building but no injury was recorded.

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