2 major factors of depression


The truth is that our minds are capable of things that we can’t even imagine. With this in mind, it’s not that easy to determine the exact causes of problematic conditions such as depression. This is also due to the fact that there are a large number of different things that might be capable of unlocking this terrible condition and subject the person to all of its harmful consequences.

Depression is a condition that needs immediate help from a professional as leaving it unattended is capable of enhancing and empowering other psychological conditions which might lead to serious physical states. However, extensive research has led us to determine two of the most common causes for being stressed out, especially as a mid-aged woman. Let’s take a look.


You dwell in the past and lose sight of the presence

Now, there is a wide range of banalities that are going to encourage you to stop worrying about the past because there’s nothing you can do about it. Unfortunately, from a professional standpoint, that’s not a healthy undertaking.

Ignoring things that have happened in the past is not what you should consider doing. Instead, you should talk to a professional about them and make sure that these issues are resolved. Suppressing them deeper into your conscious is going to lead to further chronic pain and depression. Basically, this is only going to delay the inevitable and make you miserable in the interim.


Burnt out physiology

Now, it’s important to make a clear differentiation between the burnout syndrome and being depressed. While the former is regularly associated with exhaustion and feeling of helplessness in the workplace in people working in the service segment, the latter is characterised mainly by the lack of their ability to connect with accomplishment and progress. Regardless of whether they improve or not, depressed people are going to be unable to make the positive interconnection.

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