Businesses That Should Consider Self-Storage Units

Are you running your small business from your home? Is the business taking over your home with piles of inventory and paperwork as it consumes your personal space, not to mention infringing on your family?

Perhaps it’s about time you do something about it and move your operations to a more professional place. But renting an office space is not cheap and may be a costly decision for your start-up business. Before you think about adding significant costs to your business with an expensive office space lease agreement, consider an alternative operating model and save a ton of cash.

Renting any of the cheapest self-storage in Singapore will only incur a fraction of the cost and provides a functioning work space so you can run your business and serve your clients just as well. Here are businesses that should consider having a work storage unit.

Online Business

Recent developments in communication technology have opened doors to a multitude of opportunities to conduct an online business. You can virtually do any type of business online today, from selling a service to a product. There are multiple online shops available in Singapore presently and customers would only need to visit your website page to make a purchase. The obvious benefit to this is not requiring a brick and mortar store or an elaborate physical display for your items, hence saving costs for your business.

Work+Store offers work and storage units from 88 sqft onwards for businesses to store their supplies and merchandises. This helps business owners to have a better management of their goods procurement and handle order fulfilment duties efficiently, while at the same time, carry out the daily business activities in the work space. The work and storage units are secured with 24-hour keycard access system and CCTV surveillance to provide a peace of mind, convenient accessibility and a secured storage for your inventory.

Skilled-Trade Business

Are you a mechanic or a handyman? Do you use lots of tools and equipment and keep lots of spare parts? Tradesmen such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters and motor vehicle mechanics will have something in common. If your business is growing and taking over space at your home, you need to consider renting a self-storage unit to keep the extra parts, tools and work equipment. This way, you’ll always know where your tools are and they will not pose a hazard to your family at home. Work+Store has mini self storage units (lockers) at a monthly rate of $39 (1m x 0.6m) and $59 (1m x 1m), which can fit 1 to 2 luggage, so you can pack away your tools or toolbox easily to avoid losing any parts and access it when you need to.

Creative Handmade Businesses

If your business is where you get to exercise your creativity and design handmade merchandises, a self-storage unit in Singapore is an ideal option to store your supplies, products and provide the space for you to do your work. Creative and handcrafted businesses such as greeting cards, beaded jewellery and crocheting allows you to monetize your passion or hobby so you can generate income from your art.

Vintage Goods Sales

If you are in the business of selling vintage goods, such as kitchen tools, home décor, clothing or even mint condition collectables, you need a place with adequate space that can preserve the item and its condition well to ensure that your goods retain their selling value. Leaving your sale items at home could end up occupying more space, invite more clutter, and face risks of accidental damage by anyone in your family. Save yourself from all these troubles by simply renting a self storage in Singapore, to protect and safely store your belongings. If you need some help in transporting your goods, Work+Store offers a valet storage service to pick up and deliver your belongings for self-storage conveniently. Rates are from $6 per box with free pick-up and $20 per return delivery trip. Simply call +65 8722 8000, ‘You Pack, We Pick Up’.

No matter your type of SME, if your business is a start-up or you are running a small e-commerce, renting a self-storage is a great way to cut costs while you expand and grow your business. As one of Singapore’s cheapest self storage, Work+Store provides an innovative work and storage solution with flexible lease terms and all-inclusive rental rates as a cost-effective option for your business needs. Available in a range of sizes from 6 sqft to 730 sqft, these storage units will also help to bring down unnecessary transportation costs and logistical inefficiencies when managing your inventory for order fulfilment.

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