What Is A CCTV Camera System Made Up Of?

Don’t you feel the interest of knowing what’s inside the many cctv camera systems in singapore ? Don’t you think you should know it for a better understanding of the technology that gives you safety and security? Surely you do. Hence, let us discuss a few things regarding this unique gadget.

Various components

A CCTV surveillance system consists of:

  • Security cameras that are either analogue or digital
  • Cables (generally RJ45 or RJ59)
  • Video Recorders that can be a DVR or an NVR
  • A storage unit that is a hard disk
  • A display unit like a monitor (it is optional and can be an HD or a LED monitor)

CCTV or Close Circuit cameras are comprised of one or multiple cameras for capturing the images and transmitting the data to the monitor or the video recorder installed at a remote or distant place.

The Wiring
The wiring network of a typical CTV camera system in Singapore is pretty straightforward and simple. Generally, coaxial cables, like those used in televisions, are used. This cable transfers the image to the recording device, namely a DVR. These DVRs are usually connected to a television set, which is equipped with a dedicated channel to watch the feed from the CCTV. At times, certain dedicated monitors are used to view the images. These images can also be extracted by CDs, USB storage devices, DVDs and other storage devices.

The Camera
The camera of a typical CCTV camera system in Singapore has an open aperture, to capture the stream of light through the camera lens. This stream of light is then caught by a tiny digital chip, embedded in the camera. This chip then converts the light stream into a continuous stream of photos or images. The signal captured by the camera is then recorded and transmitted either wirelessly or through the cables. In certain cases, Infrared Light Diodes or IR LEDs play the role of sensory devices in these CCTV cameras. The light sensor is then used to detect the level of light. The technology available nowadays helps these devices to capture and transmit sharper images, clearer audio and hardly any signal interferences from the CCTV cameras, thereby bettering the overall performance. This type of camera is referred to as an IP camera.

Video Recorders 
As the name suggests, the images sent by the camera are stored in a device called video recorders. There are 2 types of video recorders – Digital Video Recorders and Network Video Recorders.

Digital Video Recorders
In this type of video recorder, the device stores the video images transmitted in either a standalone device or any external storage system.

Network Video Recorder
The functionality of the Network Video Recorder is almost same as the Digital Video Recorder, with the only exception that this device document and store the data in digital format.

So these are the components and their functionality of a typical CCTV camera system in Singapore. However, this is just an overview as there are a number of other critical highly technical factors that will be discussed another day.

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