How Expatriates Can Adjust To Living in Singapore

Different people have different connotations of what home means to them. For some people, it is a good value for space, for some it is the location that matters. Similarly, some look for amenities while others are just really practical and they just want somewhere that is cheap. A lot of people also have strict requirements of having a close commute or feeling like they are safe having things to do around them. Unlike other countries, most of Singapore’s housing population is apartment flats, but it doesn’t mean you’re not getting quality, homes like Parc Esta Condo ensure your apartment has the highest standards in comfort. Here are some neighbourhoods filled with landed properties that would make expats feel right at home.

Holland Village: This is one of the most popular residential locations for expats in Singapore. There are a lot of bars, restaurants, and quirky cafes within a few minutes walk. It is a fairly central location, meaning people that work in the central business district or, even anywhere else, will find that the commute is not very long at all. Public transportation is easily accessible, with Holland Village MRT Station situated in the area itself, and buses available too. Holland Village is great for Western expats especially, because there is a lot of Western influence in this area, such as colonial inspired architecture and restaurants with western sensibilities.

Ang Mo Kio: Located in Central Singapore, Ang Mo Kio is historically one of the oldest residential estates in Singapore. Considered a heartland with a lot of character and charm, the area is filled with a number of convenient amenities, an abundance of shopping options, and is exceedingly accessible with every public and personal transportation. Home to quite a number of majestic private residences, like Castle Green and Centro Residence, it’s a great location that’s constantly being reinvented. In addition, future private housing developments like the Belgravia Green Semi-Detached has show flats for interested applicants to view and plan their future homes.

Orchard: The shopping and recreational hub of Singapore, Orchard Road and its surroundings not only host luxe shopping options, but is also home to some of the fanciest residential apartments in the nation. Options are bountiful for expats looking for cosy apartments, like the gorgeous Boulevard 88 Condo, among many others. In addition to being the major shopping destination in Singapore, Orchard has plenty of dining options, from affordable hawker selections to fancy restaurants. Lastly, it has convenient MRT stations in both Orchard and Somerset stations, and buses to travel short distances if walking through the bustling crowds is not your thing.

Expats might worry that they’re not experiencing the authentic Singapore experience by not living in HDB apartments or busy, lively neighbourhoods, but these homes that we’ve shared provides a familiar and safe haven for them to retreat to at the end of long day, while still situated in genuine Singapore neighbourhoods. Therefore, they have the best of both worlds, and an option to indulge in either at their own convenience.

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