Which Districts are Havens for Foodies?

Singapore could be a really great taste of the diversity because of the local culture and the heritage of this little tiny country. Singapore was only founded in the early nineteenth century, and it gained its independence in the mid-1960s, so, it is a very new country in terms of world heritage. It is very modern, but it also celebrates its cultural diversity through its neighbourhoods and cafes. In every neighbourhood, you can find real true bits of local cultures like Indian cultures from all over India, Arab cultures from all over the Arab world and Chinese cultures from all over China.

It is a really exciting place to explore because you can get a taste of so many different cultures in one tiny little country. Whether you live on the lush hills of Belgravia Green terrace or as far as Parc Esta Condo, these quirky food places are only at most a half an hour car journey away from home.  You can find authentic cuisine with a great taste and variety in almost every neighbourhood in the country. However, following five areas are particularly famous for their cafes, restaurants and food centres:


Situated in close quarters to Orchard, this neighbourhood gives a cosmopolitan feeling and is being famous for its renowned restaurants, cafes, boutiques, hospitals and clinics. Some of the best cafes in Tanglin are:

Boufe Boutique Café (famous for its signature Milky Way), Tea Lounge, House of Anli Bistro, Hediard French Café (an authentic French café) and Le Mamma Shoppe.

Holland Village

Holland village is not only famous for its bars but also for its vibrant scene cafes. Some people even call this place a food paradise in Singapore. Most of the cafes are at a walking distance from one another and serve a plethora of taste and entertainment. Here is the list of five best cafes in Holland Village: Mu Parlour – serves charcoal black burgers, The Monocle Café, D’Good Café, Project Acai and Hakoon Superfoods and Juice.

Little India

In this neighbourhood, you can find really authentic food and different products straight from India or were made by people from India. Apart from dining experience, it is a great opportunity to learn a little bit more about this culture. Some of the best and authentic Asian cafes in little India are: The Country Side café, Peace Café, Xin Xin Café, Flee Away Café and Butter Studio.

China Town:

Chinatown is the biggest and probably most busy neighbourhood in Singapore. Visit Chinatown to check out some real Chinese food very local food. The neighbourhood will host you with a variety of good quality cafes such as Bread and Hearth, Nanyang Old Coffee, Ninja Bowl, The Loft Café and Toast Box.

Singapore Business Centre:

The most famous food point here is Maxwell which is located in the central business district of Singapore with a ton of buildings around it. It looks very different from other parts of Singapore, but this is where all the companies, employees and workers are working. Maxwell Food Centre is a hawker centre where you see tons of stalls with a variety of local dishes.  The place is particularly known for its chicken rice – a very popular dish for local people. Another famous Singaporean dish is fried carrot cake which could be black or white. The cake is made with steamed rice cake fried with egg and garnish with spring onions.

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