Why should startups starts gifting corporate gifts?

Picking out the ideal gift for someone may be challenge. This is because there are plenty of things to consider. For example, you must know their tastes and hobbies. The gift item should be meaningful to them. Choosing a corporate gift, especially for a startup company may be challenging because small entrepreneurs may have specific routines, equipment and requirements that you may have to think about in order to pick the right gift.

As you are probably aware, startups are small companies trying to find a niche in the business world. Often, they operate on reduced budgets and look to cut on costs in different areas and focus on the core of the business.

Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing, untapped budget corporate gifts in Singapore that cover the typical needs of small businesses. These gift ideas promise to make startups feel appreciated and help them develop into bigger businesses. Read on for more insight.

Potted Plants

An office space with plants can lead to healthier and happier staff. Consider giving a startup a potted plant for their office space. This is one of the eco-friendly corporate gifts Singapore that will act as a permanent reminder of your company while making a real, positive difference to the startup’s workspace.

Journal or Diary

Successful startups are always on the move, but the truly successful ones spare some time to think and reflect on the next course of business action. Reflection is a habit that can be cultivated. To do so, you need a place to note down your short-term and long-term objectives. In this case, why not gift a startup with a journal or diary where they can note down their plans. Having your logo etched on the journal can go a long way in cementing your relationship with the startup.

Coffee mug

Small entrepreneurs are not only the ones who drink coffee, although they likely to drink more. As you are probably aware, coffee drinking is a lot more fun when you have a beautiful mug. Send a stylish mug to one of your startup business clients who work around important paperwork that needs to be guarded from coffee spills. No doubt, it’s a useful gift that will be used regularly.


It may be a corner office with an unrivalled view, or it may be the spot of a living room, but all startups have a workspace. Regardless of how stylish or uninteresting an office space is, a beautiful piece of art always makes a telling difference. Artwork pieces can add some color and imagination to any startup workspace.

Business Magazine Subscription

Few startups subscribe to business magazine subscriptions. They are always looking to cut on costs. Therefore, business magazines subscriptions make the ideal gifts for startups that want to stay updated on the latest business trends and concepts. These business magazines are very helpful for entrepreneurs and help them get ahead of the game to attain business success and happiness.

Fire-proof Safe

Businesses have important documents that need to be kept safely. While a fire-proof safe is important, it is often forgotten or overlooked. Consider gifting startup companies with a fail-proof safe that is portable for important paperwork, external hard drives and flash disks.

Ergonomic Chair

Sitting for several hours can take be taxing on your body, and that’s why startup companies need an office furnished with a comfortable and modifiable ergonomic chair. The following make the features of a recommended office chair: flexible back height, fixed lumbar support, flexible padded arms, and breathable mesh upholstery. A stylish, functional and comfortable chair is an excellent cheap corporate gift idea for your chosen startup entrepreneur to sit and work all day.

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