Things to Avoid When Buying New Mattresses

It’s not unusual for individuals to buy a brand new mattress and go home unsatisfied. Considering that mattresses aren’t cheap and should be long-term investments, that shouldn’t happen. That’s why we took the time to help. Below are a few things that buyers will want to avoid when buying a new queen size mattress in Singapore:

1.    Not Listening to the Salesperson

Salespersons may be hired to push you a product, but they are an expert when it comes to mattresses. Not listening to them is a sure-fire way to buy a bad mattress. When speaking to a salesperson, tell them what you want, and ask for different kinds of recommendations. There’s a considerable chance that the perfect mattress for you isn’t the one that you were eyeing when you entered the store; instead, it may be one of the mattresses recommended to you by the salesperson.

2.    Making an Impulsive Choice

Don’t buy a mattress based on how it looks or how it feels in the showroom. Unless you’ve got no mattress at home, you should always take your time. Make sure to try out different mattresses from different stores. Lie down on each one for a few minutes. Take notes on what you liked and did not like. Sit on the decision for a couple of days at least before purchasing. Buying a new mattress on the same day you’re shopping is akin to disaster.

3.    Not Doing Research About the Retailer

There’s a healthy rivalry going on in the mattress business, so you have all the leverage when it comes to your choice. You should always buy a mattress based on the reputation of the retailer, not on the mattress itself. It doesn’t matter how good the mattress is, but if the retailer has a poor reputation, you might want to shop elsewhere. A bad reputation is a bad sign that they might not be easy to work with when it comes to returns and warranty purposes. Remember, mattresses aren’t cheap, so you might as well make sure that your hard-earned money is spent on a mattress that’s being sold by a reputable retailer.

4.    Overpaying

Mattresses aren’t cheap, but they don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg either. Tons of start-up companies in the mattress industry in recent years have brought down the price considerably while also maintaining the quality of the products. Don’t be afraid to look into new start-up mattress companies when shopping for a new mattress. They may not have the years of service of other mattress companies, but so long as they are reputable, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give their products a chance.

You might end up getting a mattress that’s cheap, comfortable to sleep in, and very durable if you keep your options open. When it comes to mattresses, you should shop smarter, so you can sleep better, and live longer. Price varies between categories too. So, a latex mattress and a memory foam mattress have different price points as well.

Avoid making these four mistakes when buying a new mattress in Singapore to guarantee yourself a good night’s sleep.

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