Acne & Melanoma: Why Acne Is Much Worse

According to the Global Burden of Disease Study, acne can pose longer-term effects with a wider range as compared to skin cancer. The study evaluated over 300 diseases and injuries in 195 countries and territories around the world. The aim is for researchers attempt to determine what features of their health are most important to patients. With this new system of ranking skin diseases by how they affect patients, it could shift research priorities and alter the way dermatologists examine their patients.

How the study is conducted

The study’s primary unity of measurement is the disability-adjusted life-year. It is derived by combining the number of years lived with disability and the years of life lost. Data was gathered from surveys of patients to weigh the relative importance of a shortened lifespan with a disability. Patients were given hypothetical choices like years of life and years of different kinds of disability in order to measure how the effects were taken into considerations by participants.

In the list of harmful health problem in the categories used by the study, skin diseases were ranked 11th out of 12. Researchers then calculated all the disability-adjusted life-years. The ranking was found to be varied across different ages of the patients.


In young people aged 10 to 24 years old, acne is the most harmful and it becomes less important later in life. On the other hand, viral skin diseases and cancer become more distressing with age.

Under the category of skin diseases, acne was ranked at the top amongst other conditions like melanoma, psoriasis, dermatitis and scabies.

As The Global Burden of Disease Study aims to compare the importance of different health problems, it helps to prioritise which skin diseases should get more research. Currently, it is believed there is not research going into acne as there should be, considering the amount of disability it causes.

Distressing Effects

Even though acne does not cause fatality and patients do not die from it, the condition still affects more than their appearance. They may suffer the social stigma or even lose employment opportunities when the disease becomes disfiguring. It can take a toll on one’s emotional health and cause them to develop low self-esteem, poor self-image, anxiety, decreased quality of life and depression.

Early Treatment for Acne

Going for early acne treatment is a good way to prevent emotional distress and acne scars. It can help to clear the skin and prevent acne from becoming worse, as compared to dealing with stubborn acne scars and emotional distress. Without proper treatment, acne can also worsen and become severe with lasting scars.

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