How Escape Rooms Make A Brilliant Idea For Date Night

Innovative. Exciting. Personal. Those are three things that most people would describe how an ideal date would be like, and coincidentally, those are three words that most people would use to describe the experience of going to an escape room.

Length of relationship doesn’t even matter. You two could have already been together for years, or it could be your first time going out together. Either way, escape rooms are a unique and excellent twist on the typical date night that can tell you a lot about the kind of relationship the two of you have or what kind of relationship the two of you are going to have.

Having said that, below are a couple of reasons to help convince you why you should take your next date night to an escape room:

1.    No Awkward Silences

How many times have you gone out with someone only to be met with the dreaded awkward silence? That’s very common, especially in first dates. But, with escape rooms, you don’t need to worry about that. The room itself encourage you two to communicate!

That means, at least for an hour, the two of you are guaranteed to talk to each other.

This is great, especially for new couples, as it makes it easier for the two of you to get to know each other and know who exactly you’re dealing with since escape rooms can create a pretty tense atmosphere.

2.    Different and Memorable

Dates aren’t one-size fits all thing, and if your date likes dinner and a movie, well, there’s no problem with that. But, if you happen to be going out with someone that’s not afraid to mix things up, then what’s more different than going to escape rooms?

Your date will be taken back by your ability to think of something so unique and creative for your date, especially if it’s a surprise! Although even if it’s been planned ahead, your date probably can’t help but be excited to finally try out something new and see a whole new side of you that he or she probably doesn’t see every day.

Regardless if it’s a way to throw a curveball to spice up your relationship or impress someone on the first date, you’d have a hard time finding a better, more different and more memorable idea than going to an escape room.

3.    Cheaper than Couples Therapy

You know how the saying goes, “the couple that plays together, stays together.”

Kidding aside, finding out the dynamics of the two of you as a couple can be hard to do, especially if the two of you just recently started going out with each other. But, escape rooms help fast-track that by asking the two of you to work off of each other to solve the puzzle and escape.

Escape rooms are a great way to know which the two of you is a good listener or the leader, or if the two of you are capable of working with each other towards a common goal.

Do yourself a favour and surprise your date by booking an escape room in Singapore date night today. You definitely will not regret it!

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