A Simple Checklist To Picking The Right Neighbourhood For You

When you finally decide to purchase your dream home, lots of questions run through your mind. Will the place be affordable? Will my family members find it suitable? All these factors and many more must be considered when buying a home. You’ll want a place you will be comfortable at for the rest of your life unless you intend to buy another one later. But since it is a huge investment, it is always good to choose a home that suits you best.

Once you visit some of the properties in Singapore and spot a home that gives you goose bumps, relax. Consider everything before you buy, especially the neighborhood of the house.

This article will make the work easy for you. Read on for a complete guide on how to choose a neighborhood that suits you.

Crime Rate

For starters, you need to be safe in your home. You cannot be comfortable if you are always wondering about your safety and that of your family members. Check the crime rate in the area before you decide on any property. Talk to the police about the area and ask them about the security status. They will give you candid feedback about the rate of crime, whether it is high, low, on the rise etc. that will give you the necessary information you require. Belgravia Green is one of the properties in a safe and secure location. It is worth your time. Check it to have an idea of what a secure neighborhood is.


What is your social status? You cannot move to any neighborhood simply because you spotted a house that sparks your interest and you felt it’s what you require. Before you get emotional check around the hood. Who are your neighbors? Are they the kind of neighbors you would want to have? Go for an area that will give you the comfort and peace when taking a walk around or checking in after a long night with your friends.

Return on Investment

Before you rush to sign the papers, check the rate at which property in the area is rising or the projected value of your home a couple of years later. You may decide to sell off the property. Things change. What will be the value of your home then? You can project this by working with real estate analytics that will give you an idea of the neighborhood with a growth trajectory. Such houses may look expensive, but they will give you fantastic value for moneyParc Esta condo in Eunos is one such property with high potential return on investment.

Social Amenities

When buying a home, you are doing so to improve the quality of your life. Life is already tough as it is. Why complicate it by making the wrong choices? Once you spot a house you wish to purchase, look out for the amenities that matter to you. If you have children, they will need to go to school. What are some of the schools in the area? Do they fit in with the kind you would like your children to? Are they easily accessible? It would be too much trouble to settle in an area too far from your children’s school. Mayfair Gardens Condo is a wonderful example of being surrounded by numerous amaneties. Does the area make shopping easy for you? If there are no shopping facilities nearby, you may have to reconsider your decision.

Buying a home is not a one-day activity. It is not the kind of investment you do without conducting your research unless you want to wake up cursing yourself for bad choices. Take the time and walk through the area before deciding if it is the right home for you.

One thing is for sure though, and you may not get all you require in one place. You will compromise one or two things here, and there otherwise you will be house hunting forever.

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