3 Questions To Ask When Customizing Photo Booth Printouts

Have you decided to rent the best photo booth in Singapore for your wedding or corporate event? Your guests will be elated to find out that there is an instant photo booth available at your event. After all, they will be able to receive a beautiful printout of their photo within moments of the camera’s flash. With the best instant photo booth in Singapore, you are able to decide on a design for the photo booth printout. These designs are important as they can help to set the mood for your event. They range from simple borders with names to beautiful background graphics. Here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect design for your event’s photo booth printouts.

How many pictures would you like to showcase?

With the large 4R sized print, photo booths are able to print multiple pictures on a single printout. If you’d like, you could choose to have up to four pictures printed on one sheet. These pictures captures 4 separate poses for four times the fun!

If you have many elderly folks or if your event is a formal event, a single photo booth shot per printout offers a more traditional photo taking experience and thus might be more appropriate for your event.

The best photo booth in Singapore will even allow you to have multiple print templates for your guests to choose from. If you would like multiple shots per print for more fun, but would like to cater to the seniors, you could have 1 template with 3 shots AND 1 template with 1 single shot! Everyone’s happy this way.

What would your design say?

For wedding photo booths in Singapore, it is key to have the names of the bride and groom embellished on the printout. But what should the rest of the graphics be? Should you opt for a more formal looking print with a white background, or something more fun and colourful? Well, this is fully for you to decide!

For instance, if your wedding is a traditional Chinese one, you might want the photo booth printout to match by using red or orange text. You can also include the double happiness “喜喜” word, and graphics such as red packets or other Chinese designs.

If your wedding is more modern and contemporary, you should use colours like white as a base, which signifies purity. You could also use a picture from your pre-wedding photoshoot to make an impact. For example, one of our wedding clients had a great photo of them looking shocked – it was perfectly placed on the printout right next to the photo booth picture for comic effect!

How will your photo booth backdrop fit into the picture?

The full photo booth experience also allows you to select a backdrop for your photo booth – the wall where guests will stand in front of. This can play a big part in your photo printout design. If possible, try to complement the colour of the backdrop with the colour of the design. Some beautiful designs in the past have used gold lines with the shimmery golden backdrop. Having a darker backdrop would complement a lighter coloured design and vice versa.


Picking the perfect photo booth printout design would surely enhance your guests’ photo booth experience. Follow these tips and you can narrow down the perfect customisable printout design for your event. Don’t forget – some photo booths in Singapore also allow you to have a design done up from scratch! Simply speak to your photo booth vendor to discuss the details.

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