What Are CCTV Cameras And How Do I Choose The Right One?

Surveillance plays a huge part in today’s society. With cameras all around us, our day-to-day lives are gaining much more security each day. CCTV in Singapore are an excellent choice for surveillance purposes to help in detecting, capturing, and most importantly preventing criminal activity.

CCTVs are Closed-Circuit Television which is also commonly referred to as video or security surveillance system. CCTV is a system that transmits video feeds from different surveillance cameras. CCTV is dissimilar from broadcast television, with the difference that the signals of the cameras are not just for anybody to intervene or intercept.

The video streams can only be viewed by authorised users, and any single home surveillance system which helps to detect, capture and prevent criminal activity on your property is a CCTV system. Only authorised users can access the system as well as review the feeds that the cameras had recorded.

CCTV Cameras Evolution

CCTV systems have been around for years but initially designed in the middle of the 20th century with the purpose to be used on top-secret government cases. CCTV has developed a lot since the advent of television cameras that are extremely bulky and clunky. Now, thanks to the development of technology, CCTV surveillance systems nowadays are polished, powerful, accurate, and extremely useful.

Recently, CCTV transformed into a more reliable security platform, depending on the type chosen, as modern Surveillance cameras now capture high-resolution as well as full-colour feeds, and many can switch smoothly to infrared when it gets dark. Pictures are so detailed now even at night with the use of night vision which is a technological advancement that allows the camera to view even the darkest alleys to see images in B&W.

CCTV cameras from reputable CCTV companies allow simultaneous surveillance of numerous video feeds. With the use of a wireless network, the system can transmit signals that only the user can access, using a smartphone or any internet-connected device with the appropriate apps.

Different Types of CCTV Cameras

What many people don’t know is that there are lots of CCTV cameras within the market today, boasting many different features and options, resulting in a baffling display of various types, styles, and configurations.

Here are the ten different types of CCTV Cameras people should know about:

• Bullet Type
• Dome Cameras
• Discreet CCTVs
• Infrared Cameras
• Day/Night Types
• Varifocal Cameras
• Network Cameras
• Wireless Cameras
• PTZ Cameras
• High-Definition Cameras

Choosing the Right CCTV Camera

There are many CCTV systems for sale available in the market. However, you should seek the advice of a CCTV company in Singapore before selecting your CCTV camera for your home or business. They could show recorded footage from different types of CCTV cameras and also assess your property on where to position those cameras, enabling users to get the full picture on quality and pricing before you make a decision.

Knowing various latest camera technologies on the market does take time but there are so much more the latest cameras can do to enhance security.

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