The Reason Why Your Acne Appears In The Same Place

It is always frustrating to deal with acne, but facing recurrent acne issues is an even more aggravating situation. They can show up in the same exact spot repeatedly, and using anti-acne products does not seem to do the trick to cure your acne problems. Acne will also leave scars that may vary in size and severity.

We explore the why acne recur in the same place.

Recurring Acne

There are different types of acne around that play a large part in why that happens; comedones, inflammatory acne and cystic acne. Usually, cystic acne is the main culprit as it consists of tender bumps deep under the skin that causes pain and swelling. Acne pop up when your pores are plugged with dead skin and oil, but with cystic acne, bacteria gets trapped deep in your pores and causes inflammation. Due to the depth and amount of inflammation, it is more likely for cystic acne to cause scarring.

Cysts are like balloons attached to the oil glands, and they become inflamed as they get filled up with oil. The balloon still remains even after the inflammation calms down, and often becomes inflamed again. Hence, this leads to pimples forming in the same spot over and over again.

Acne Scarring

Recurrent inflammation from deep cystic lesions can damage the collagen in the skin and cause acne scarring to develop. Thinned-out scar tissues replace normal healthy tissues, which manifest as depressions along the contour of the skin. Acne scars can also become more pronounced when collagen levels are diminishing and subcutaneous fat levels of the body can no longer provide structural support it did in the past.

Solution to Recurrent Acne

If you’re looking for a cystic acne treatment, AGNES utilises the latest technology to treat stubborn and chronic acne. The root problem of acne is addressed by destroying the responsible hyperactive sebaceous glands. Insulated micro-needles is used to administer radiofrequency energy with precision on the area to be treated. As the offending overactive sebaceous glands are destroyed, the hair follicles will not get inflamed and infected anymore.

AGNES offers an effective, safe solution for anyone looking for acne treatment in Singapore that is long-lasting. Instead of using creams and consuming oral medications for long-term, this treatment is highly suitable for those with recurrent acne and especially with acne that recur on the same spot repeatedly. Besides seeing improvement of stubborn acne, there is also low downtime and low rate of recurrence for patients undergoing this treatment.

Our clinic is an aesthetic clinic in Singapore that offers the AGNES acne treatment amongst a variety of facial treatments designed to tackle skin problems like wrinkles, pigmentation and acne scar removal. Arrange for a consultation with our doctors and learn more information regarding your skin problems and our customised approach to fit your needs.

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