7 Things To Take Note Of Before Getting A Chemical Peel

Chemical peel treatment is quite a spectacular and effective treatment for treating several issues like cystic acne, dull complexion, discoloration, rough skin, fine lines, and age spots. If you want an effective, yet, affordable treatment option to make your skin look great, then a chemical peel should be your choice.

However, before you decide to go for the treatment, you should check out these quick tips and find out how it can be benefecial to your acne scar treatment in Singapore.

  1. There are different levels and strengths to chemical peels.

Chemical peels treatment for cystic acne scars involves the use of a chemical solution and chemical solutions vary in strength. For acne scar treatments that only require mild chemical peels, you will only need an esthetician while those who need strong chemical peels will have their treatment carried out by a dermatologist.

Although a mild chemical peel is what almost everyone ever need, it is nevertheless important that you consult with a licensed and qualified esthetician who will verify the type of chemical peel treatment your skin type needs.

  1. It does not take too much time.

Chemical peels do not take a lot of time, unlike some other in-office cosmetic treatments. In less than ten minutes, the entire procedure is done, and the procedure includes preparing for the peel, applying and post-care.

  1. Preparation is important

You need to be prepared for this procedure days before your schedule with the esthetician. Forty-eight hours before you will undergo the treatment, do not use any abrasive exfoliating products. This is to avoid causing any further damage to your skin. Then, also ask your skin esthetician or dermatologist for a list of skin products to avoid.

  1. There will be a bit of discomfort.

What can hurt one person may not hurt another person. Regardless of your tolerance for pain, you can expect a burning or stinging sensation during a chemical peel treatment. If it becomes unbearable, inform your doctor so that adjustments can be made to make it more comfortable for you.

  1. Use facials for better results.

You can use a traditional facial to remove impurities from your skin before the chemical peels. This way, the chemical solution will be able to penetrate the skin better and yield more effective results.

  1. Take your aftercare seriously.

After going for a chemical peel treatment for your cystic acne scar treatment, you should ensure that you take very good care of your skin. Some of the things you should do include avoiding direct exposure to sunlight, wearing a sunscreen with SPF of 30 and going makeup-free for 24 hours after the treatment.

  1. Be prepared for a bit of downtime.

Chemical peels for cystic acne scar treatment peels off the top layer of your skin. This causes redness in some people, and it may take some time for their skin to heal. To be safe, get a chemical peel a week or two before a special event.

Getting a chemical peel treatment is excellent if you have cystic acne or scars you want to get rid off, just make sure to take note of these tips before you go for the treatment so you are well-prepared in the future.

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