6 Things To Try For An Unforgettable Experience in Singapore

The one thing that anyone will certainly remember to do is indulge in the food, items and souvenirs, and of course, bring these goodies back to their family members and themselves. Nothing makes a trip more memorable than the places you visited, the people you met and the various kind of things that you came across. After all, bringing back something always makes a great memento to make you remember your visit to the country.

However, as someone who is from another country, how would you really know which ones are the best gifts to get and more importantly, where to get them in the first place?

Below, is a list of items and experiences that you should not miss when you visit Singapore.

  1. Get a taste of Bakkwa

Beef jerky is one thing, while Bakkwa is another. And in Singapore, it is one of the most delicious things that you can ever eat. So when you’re here, make sure you go looking for it when you’re planning to bring back a great snack to eat.

You can buy a couple of slices to munch on as you go around Singapore and the good thing is, it is everywhere. The beauty of this delicacy doesn’t stop there as you can even come up with different pieces with bakkwa. You can choose to eat it in a sandwich, wrap it around cucumber sticks, or even savour the flavour on its own.

  1. Try some Coconut jam kaya and local Kopi O

Visit any close by coffee shops and grab your traditionally made meal that comes with runny eggs, kaya toasts and creamy butter slices that will a perfect acquaintance with your taste buds.

Before trying this delicacy, check for how the locals order it. When you ask for Kopi O, it means you want your coffee black with sugar; Kopi means condensed milk; Kopi C means with sugar and evaporated milk. While the word ‘peng’ itself means tea

Don’t be afraid to ask the locals because you should definitely get the full experience when you’re here! While you’re ordering your toasts, make sure to get coconut jam kaya as it is deemed as one of the classics in Singapore. If you really enjoy the taste of the jam, you can even patronise a shop that sells them in bottles so you can bring it back to share with your family members!

  1. Take a look at the indigenous fashion brands

Naturally, you will be able to find many famous fashion brands in Singapore that is known globally. But even so, if you are visiting Singapore, then you should know that many local fashion companies can compete with the many popular fashion brands as well.

Most of these products are handmade by all the shop owners themselves, so you can find a piece of clothing that will surely be different from the apparels that you usually see. So what are you waiting for, get moving so you can get your hands on these fantastic apparels!

  1. Indulge in Peranakan culture

One of the most colourful cultures in Singapore is the Peranakan culture, and it goes without saying that you must absolutely experience this culture and their flavoured food while you’re here.

You can try Satay Bar and Grill or some other food on the Peranakan menu. Or even choose to have the chargrilled meat and sauce, along with the other Nyonya specials on the menu.

  1. Munch on some curry puffs

It looks similar to Cornish pasty, but once you bite into this mouth-watering delicacy, you will realise that it is an entirely different flavour. It is a bundle of golden goodness, one that you should relish and enjoy.

Made up of curried potatoes, chicken, spices, egg and herbs, it is a delicious snack to enjoy while you’re going around Singapore to look for things to buy and bring home.

  1. Get a bottle of Tiger Balm

The smell of the medicated balm made from camphor is one thing most Singaporeans can relate to. Almost everyone has used it at some point in their lives as it is a perfect medication for body aches, insect bites and even for curing a cold.

It is potent and highly effective so you should look out for it and include it in your list of things to buy in Singapore as it could even make the perfect souvenir for your friends and family.

Whether you’re looking for something to do or a souvenir to take back home, you can always look forward to your stay in Singapore as you will always be overwhelmed by a profusion of options.

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