5 Boutiques To Visit In Singapore For Shopping

Have been a thing of going shopping in Singapore this holiday? Well, you are not only making a good choice, but you are as well to a place where products are trading at affordable pricing this session. It Singapore is an incredible business hub, more so, it is deemed to have the most lavish accommodation for any local or international shoppers. That said, in this article, we are going to look at the best boutiques in Singapore. These are boutiques that make a difference in the world of design and style in Singapore.  When going shopping for clothes, don’t miss out on the following boutiques.

Nana & bird

It is one of the most celebrated boutiques in Singapore. It is a boutique that trades in youth’s clothing, graphic handbags as well as jewellery. If you have a sharp eye for fashion and design, then nana& bird has all that you need. Some of the ordinary trending fashion in this boutique include one-should jumpsuits as well as in-fashion dresses. It also offers sea apple, wolf and Rita. Please visit the nana& bird to check out more designer jewellery and trending fashion for the young and the old.


It is a lifestyle as well as a fashion store in Singapore. More so, it is one spot you’ll never wish to miss out when on a shopping trip to Singapore. It is known for exceptional designers clothing which is accessible at friendly pricing. When going shopping in Singapore, make sure that you visit Store for fashion as well as designers products. In this store, you will get access to products such as Freitag messenger bags, waxed high-tops, cloud-print pastel one-piece swimsuits, Fjallraven backpacks and so forth. Visit Actually Store and take a look at the latest trending designs today. All their products are not only useful and latest; they are price friendly.

Sifr Aromatics

For fragrance lovers, Sifr Aromatic has all that you need. Sifr Aromatics offer the contemporary generation perfumes of kinds. So, when you go shopping in Singapore, pop in Sifr Aromatics and purchase your most loved perfume. This store doesn’t only offer one line of perfume; they have gone a step ahead to customize their fragrance to meet every client need or desire. You need to visit the store and get your personalized perfume in no time. On pricing? Wow, they have the best pricing ever in all of Singapore.

Kapok NDC

Well, it doesn’t take much shopping in Singapore; all you need is a better understanding of the shopping stores around like Kapok NDC. Talk of Kapok NDC; it is one of the most cherished stores of all times in Singapore. The store offers the most important designs across the world. Besides, it also provides the most trending as well as lifestyle object that you can ever find anywhere in the world.


There are no better ways of expressing oneself if not through designs. Let’s talk about design. Singapore is known for its rich and colourful designs to live alone its meals. So, when looking for an incredible or eye-catching design when on your trip to Singapore, look no further than Egg3. It is located the East Coast Road.  It is one of the most cherished boutiques of all times in Singapore. Egg3 trades in the latest ladies clothes ranging from avnt-garden designers such as Max, peary Wong as well as Void.  Similarly, you will also find home products and so forth.


When planning for shopping in Singapore, always map out the places you need to shop, especially for clothes and jewellery to replace the chances of creating confusion during your trip. The above mentions boutiques are some of the commonly visited in Singapore; however, you can follow us for other exclusive blogs on places to shop in Singapore.

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