4 Methods To Help You Challenge Your Intuition

Have you ever sensed that someone is looking at you and when you turn, you notice that it is true? Or you think of a person close to you and immediately he calls? These are manifestations of intuition. It is a hidden strength in you that can help you to solve day to day tasks.

Intuition is not about intelligence or being a genius. It is a sixth sense you were born with which you can practice to develop. Whenever you have an important choice to make, you tend to look for solutions from your closest friends, family members, books, or even professionals. The truth is you always disregard what your intuition tells you.

Just like the way you can boost your intelligence and analytical reasoning to achieve accomplishment, you can also improve your intuition to become successful.

The following guidelines will help you to increase your instinct for well-informed decisions.

Know When your Intuition Communicates

Your hunch is very interesting as you will never hear it speak loudly or order you discordantly. It voices in a very restrained way through various ways in different individuals. Your instinct may communicate to you like a thought, conversation, or a feeling.

Another way your hunch may communicate to you is through physical feelings like uneasiness and a gut-wrenching feeling in your tummy, better known as a gut feeling. You tend to be anxious when you are headed in a wrong direction or experience ecstasy if you are going along the right course.

Schedule Time to Listen to Your Intuition

If you are always occupied and rushing to complete your daily activities, you will not have time to listen to your sixth sense. Remember your intuition is where your greatest insight comes from.

It is crucial that you create a daily routine whereby you can sit by yourself and listen to your instincts. This is crucial particularly when you are making a significant choice. Give yourself ample time to converse with your instincts and get to know the remedies it gives. Some call it meditation, others prayers, but whatever you take it to be, it is part of you.

Make Enquiries and Note Down the Solutions

Obtaining insights from your perception should not be an impassive process. Become precise whenever you are making an inquiry from your intuition to obtain an explicit solution. This way, you will get detailed responses.

Do not forget to note down the responses. Instinctual responses are usually hidden and can diminish from your willful mind within a short time frame. Make a habit of keeping a written record, and you will be surprised by how transparent it will be.

Play an Escape Room Game

Engaging in an escape room game will boost your intuition capability. When you are taking part in this game, you are compelled to enhance your vision, and at the same time, pursue any existing elements.

In turn, your inner instinct’s performance becomes stronger as you can focus on the crucial details while looking for other trivial elements. Usually, when you are reasoning out of logic, you tend to overthink which in turn leads to an unwise decision. This type of activity helps you reason freely thus, taking your intuition into account.


Your intuition is a useful tool that can be used in many situations, so you should make full use of it and do what you can to develop it. At first, it can be difficult especially if you have spent your entire life making guesses and not trusting your wisdom. But with time you will be amazed at how explicit it will become.

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