Get Creative With The Bedside Table Using These Ideas

A bedside table is one of the most popular pieces of furniture in Singapore. While we traditionally tend to go for something matching with the rest of the bedroom, the current trends also call for the creation of eclectic looks with totally different pieces.

Here are a few, completely different styles you could go for.

Concrete bedside tables

Concrete is super trendy right now, and fits perfectly an industrial-style interior. It can also go well with wooden furniture in Singapore. Concrete itself can come in different styles.

For the most part, the concrete comes polished and smoothened out. It can be a single cube, or be crafted into a table-like bedside table with the addition of wood, brass or another metal.

Another crafty idea is to use raw materials such as a cinder brick bedside table. Does it sound weird to you? Well it should not, as it looks great in a bedroom! The presence of small holes also allow for the storage of small items, books, or to place some decorations or small plants for an extra personal touch.

Suspended bedside tables

Did you think your bedside table has to be resting on the floor? Well, we ask you to think again, as suspended bedside tables are coming as serious contenders. They are a great way to add some personality to your bedroom and can make for a very trendy look.

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