Ways You Can Get Rid Of Your Acne Scars

Lots of people are dealing with acne which has resulted in an increase in the number of people who need acne scar treatment in Singapore. Luckily, there are lots of effective treatments out there from which these people can choose the one they are comfortable with.

Let us check out some facts and tips on improving your acne scars and the best ways to deal with them.

1. Get your acne cleared out before going for a treatment

For any patient seeking acne scar treatment, you need to make sure the acne is already under control before you go for treatment. If the acne is still breaking out, there will be more scars, and this means you will have to undergo multiple treatments at different times.

Without treating the acne first, your acne scar treatment efforts may not yield the desired results.

2. The 3 treatments to go for

The top three treatments that work for acne scars are Microneedling, Pixel (a CO2 laser), and Fraxel (a fractionating resurfacing laser).

3. Best creams to buy

When it comes to buying creams for acne scars, the most effective ingredients are retinol or retinoic acid.

Creams that have retinol or retinoic acid as ingredients are effective for collagen stimulation to enable your skin to produce enough collagen to heal fast. You also do not have to use these creams in large quantities.

4. Get a derma roller

A derma roller is one thing that can serve as your micro-needling treatment at home. It has numerous tiny needles capable of making tiny holes on your face when you roll it over your face.

These holes make the skin stimulate more collagen, and if you use the roller twice a week for a few months, you will notice a difference in your skin’s texture.

5. Monitor your progress

Scars take time to heal and for an acne scar treatment, time is an essential factor. A new scar is usually red, and it takes time for this to go back to normal. Once you go for an acne scar treatment, you may not see the full effects of that treatment until about three to six months.

This is as a result of the tissue remodelling process which is slow because new elastin and collagen will need to be produced in the part of the skin where the treatment is administered.

This is why taking photos before treatment is essential so that you can monitor your progress and see that there is a steady improvement.

6. Pick the most effective treatment

Injectable fillers can be used to fill up some pitted scars and boxcar acne scars. With fillers, results are instant, and there will be no need to wait for the tissues to remodel. The only disadvantage is that this method is not permanent and will not solve your acne scars problem permanently which makes it better to go for other methods to completely remove your scars.

If you’re not sure which acne treatment is best for treating your skin condition, then you should seek help from your dermatologist as he or she will surely recommend a treatment that will help to remove your acne scars.

Though acne scar treatment is indeed a wonderful thing, there are many things that you need to know before you decide to go for one.

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