How To Plan A Fun Birthday Party With A Tight Budget

The expectations for any parent to throw an all-out birthday party can be pretty stressful. Images of a perfect birthday party are often splashed on social media. Birthday parties can cost a lot, but do you know you can still throw a successful one without breaking the bank? If you’re looking for affordable birthday party venues, consider self storages in Singapore which offer a fun, alternative venue for your event.

They make the perfect choice in event space rental that offer the flexibility to accommodate your party planning needs while keeping costs low. Read on to find out other ways on how you can throw fun birthday party on a budget.

 Go Digital

Sending paper invitations can add up to an amount that affects your budget. You have ensure that you’re buying the right amount of invitations to avoid wastage, and also spend on postage to send them through mail. In this tech savvy age, you can easily opt for a free electronic invitation and save what you would have to spend on paper invites. Aside from Facebook, there are plenty of websites online that let you can customise and personalise quality invitations digitally, and send them to your guests’ inboxes. Opt for a RSVP reply so you can also get a proper headcount.

Get Creative with Entertainment

Instead of spending money to hire entertainment or to conduct games and activities, you can plan your own which will help you save a small fortune. Make party crafts, play charades and guessing games, or hold a treasure hunt. There is no limit on the activities to include on the part without costing you too much. At the end of the day, guests and kids will have just as a good of a time.

Make a Timely Plan

Don’t wait till it is only until a few weeks left to the event date to start planning. Chances are high that you’ll end up parting with a lot more cash, because you don’t have enough time to do your research and more places offering event space rental, such as self-storages in Singapore, are fully booked. Instead, start planning early so you can stick to your budget. Also, you can start early and stock up on items that you need for the party when there is a sale and prices are severely discounted.

Make Your Own Party Décor

You do not only save money by renting space from the cheapest self storage in Singapore, but also by making your own party decorations. Grab some balloons and streamers to set your own backdrop, and have fun making embellished party hats for the little ones. You can also create easy pinwheels, paper rosettes, party banners and more that will add a personalised touch to the birthday party. Skip the themed paper plates, cups and napkins as they tend to cost a lot more than just solid colours, where you can still buy various colours for a fun look.

With the following tips, throwing a fun birthday party on a budget is possible.  With the availability of options in affordable birthday party venues from Singapore’s cheapest self-storages, you don’t have to overspend and yet still throw an awesome party.

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