5 Delicious Must-Buys You Need To Bring Home As Souvenirs

When Traveling to Singapore, you should be prepared to take some food souvenirs to your friends and family back home. Food souvenirs are one of the many things to buy in Singapore. Here are some food products that you should get when you go shopping in Singapore.

  1. Bovril

Bovril is a thick and salty meat extract that comes from the United Kingdom. You can use it to make soup, spread on bread or include it in white porridge. Bovril is one of those things to buy in Singapore that you would not regret.

  1. Kaya

Kaya toast is one of those things to buy in Singapore that when you try it out, you make sure you take some back home with you. It is a coconut jam that can be used to eat bread — an excellent breakfast material.

  1. Tuna Spread

With this, you do not have to bother about toasting your bread slices. Just spread it on your bread and munch away. It also comes in different flavors, and we recommend the Chilli Tuna spread.

  1. Durian Shortcake

Not everyone loves Durian, but the shortcake is everything. There is almost no way anybody would not love Durian Shortcakes. If you are worried the shortcake will be strong, don’t be – it is not as strong as the fruit.

  1. Khong Guan Lemon Puff

Khong Guan Lemon Puffs are delicious. Hidden inside the crispy biscuit is a layer of delicious lemon cream. This is one of the things to buy in Singapore.

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