What You Must Consider When Choosing An International School

A good number of parents are working hard to ensure the best life for their children. And if you are a parent who recently moved to Singapore in search of better opportunities, it is only reasonable for you to desire the best international schools in Singapore. To achieve this goal, you have to consider some factors. Let’s check out some of the factors that should influence your decision.

1. The School’s Curriculum and Philosophy

The best international schools in Singapore offer curriculums from different countries so they can help their students to transition to any of these countries with ease. A child might end up growing up in any country; therefore, it only makes sense that you consider choosing the best international schools in Singapore that offer international programs. Below are the questions to ask regarding the curriculum;

  • How much homework will your child get daily and weekly?
  • How are the students assessed? Are there external assessments?
  • What are the academic activities that students engage in daily?

2. The community where the school is located?

The best international school in Singapore should be located where different cultures blend. The location of an international school in Singapore should be where the students can identify with different customs, cultures, and traditions. You want to ensure your child is not isolated from the multi-cultural world. So, here are the things you need to do;

  • Go to the school and talk to the teachers, students, and other parents.
  • Check out the community to see how diverse, happy and enthusiastic it is for international students.
  • Check out the structure in place for collaboration between the school and parents.
  • Ask if there is any program in place to welcome your child to the school.

3. Language Programs

The best international schools in Singapore offer secondary language programs where their students can learn in other languages. Find out how the additional language is delivered and if there are opportunities for cultural immersion. You should also find out how the school assesses language learning.

4. Extra-curricular activities.

An international school in Singapore allow students to participate in different programs where they can develop skills and have various experiences that enhance their learning.

5. Certifications

The best international schools in Singapore should offer programs that are certified by local and international educational bodies. This includes the program content, quality of teachers and teaching and the resources for learning. Some of the validations you should look out for in the best international schools in Singapore include CIS, IB, Edu Trust, and IGCSE. Also, you have to verify the quality of teachers the school has. What are their qualifications? For how long have they taught at the school? What are the professional development opportunities for the teachers?

As important as the above factors are, you also need to make sure you are comfortable with the school. Do you feel comfortable leaving your child to learn at the school? Does it feel like a family? All of these are important when choosing the best international school in Singapore. We wish you good luck in your search.

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