What Makes A High-Quality Photo Booth

Photo booths are a common sight at events big and small all over Singapore. From weddings to company Dinner & Dances to birthday parties and school events, they are able to offer a fun yet easy photo-taking experience for all guests. However, what separates the finest photo booth in Singapore from the rest is the sheer amount of professionalism and effort placed into ensuring every guest walks away happy. Beyond the photo booth rental period, there are many things happening behind the scenes so the top instant photo booth in Singapore can deliver its very best. In this article, we will explore the many things we do to ensure the best photo booth experience possible for all guests.

Professional photo studio equipment – for perfect, high-quality shots

The most important aspect of a photo booth is undeniably the quality of the pictures taken. This is why we ensure that our photo booths are set up with a professional quality camera, stunning studio lights and a tripod to ensure each consistent quality throughout the event. These three studio elements are essential in capturing high-quality pictures without any flaws. Getting the studio set up will require time, which is why we usually head down to the venue more than an hour before the photo booth rental period starts to ensure proper calibration of the studio elements.

A hardworking and dedicated team on the ground

Customer service is another essential quality of a great photo booth. Our staff – professional photographers and photo assistants – are the resident experts. Photographers, who handle the camera and technical equipment, have years of experience. They know exactly how to operate all the equipment and to fix any faults that they find in the photos. Photo assistants, on the other hand, are ready to answer questions from guests and assist them with whatever they might need. The assistants are also the ones keeping the props and booth neatly arranged and helping to place pictures into clear plastic sleeves for the guests to collect. The combination of relevant expertise and hardworking attitude makes the photo booth experience easy for all guests.

Graphic design experts working tirelessly before the event

One key feature of the printout from the best photo booth in Singapore is the customised design. Each photo booth experience will be unique because the photo printouts apply a customised template created by our graphic designers, in consultation with clients. For instance, with many wedding photo booths, printouts incorporate thank you notes from the bride and groom or pictures of the bride and groom themselves. The process of designing and consulting clients can take weeks of review and revisions. Beyond that, the graphic designers also help to ensure that there is a variety of props available at our photo booths. Some of the props are even designed and made by our designers. Overall, the photo booth would not be possible without the hard work of these design experts.


Undeniably, the finest photo booth would not be possible without the careful calibration and use of truly professional grade equipment and the hard work of all Cloud Booth’s staff. Behind the scenes, many tasks are accomplished to ensure each photo booth experience is picture perfect.

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