Bridal Flowers: A How-To Guide

Wedding flower arrangements in Singapore make up a good portion of any wedding budget, so they have to be just right! They will set the tone for the entire day and be an excellent backdrop for those timeless wedding photos.

But not everyone is an expert when it comes to floral arrangements and especially flowers for a wedding. Some of us would not even know where to start with the bridal flower bouquet. Before you go down the wrong path and spend unnecessary amounts of money figuring out what you want, take a few minutes to go through this article for the best tips and advice for all things wedding flower arrangements.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself.

Who is in Charge of The Wedding Flowers

The first thought that comes to many person heads is “Hire a florist of course”. But if you are a DIY kind of gal or are on a tight budget, this may not be your first option. You may think “well how hard can it be? It’s just putting a bunch of flowers together, plus doing it myself will save me money for my honeymoon”. But what about the toll that it will have on your body? While it may seem like “just putting flowers together”, florists put a lot of time and effort into perfecting their projects. This extra work can put a lot of stress on the bride and her volunteers, and by the time the supplies are gathered actually to begin the floral arrangements, you will find that you do not save that much after all and that hiring a florist would have probably been a better idea.

The florist will, because of experience, be able to source, arrange, deliver and set up your venue with the design you envisioned. The florist is also able to give advise and steer you down the right path with regards to choosing the right kinds of flowers for your event.

How Do I Pick The Right Flowers

If you have decided to make the floral arrangements for your wedding a DIY project, then kudos to you! But even if you have a florist, you will still have to decide on what flowers you will want at your wedding.

Managing Your Budget

Your main consideration should be your budget. How much money are you willing to spend? Your budget will determine the styles and sizes that can be accomplished. From there your florist will be able to work out a plan to help you achieve your goal. But be sure to get in contact or meet up with a few florists before actually deciding on one.

You ought to do a bit of research yourself so that your florist will have a better idea of what you want. So surf the web and categorise your findings based on need and wants.

The Venue

When picking the perfect flowers for your wedding, you must consider the venue in which they are going to be placed. For large rooms with high ceilings, large arrangements are recommended to fill the space. However, for smaller areas such as a registry office, you only have a limited amount of time to put up and remove flowers so simple arrangements will be your best bet. Speak to your florist in order to determine the best plan of action.

Theme & Decor

The theme/decor plays a very important role in choosing the right flowers for any wedding. For instance, modern, minimalist weddings work well with white flowers mixed with greenery while romantic weddings are associated with lush bouquets of roses and tight, compact peonies. Your colour scheme or palette should also be considered as the flowers should complement rather than clash with the colour scheme.

Your Dress

It is important to note that your bridal flower bouquet is simply an accessory and should on no way clash with or overpower what your dress has to offer. White dresses typically go with any colour, but even white flowers with a splash of colour here and there can photograph wonderfully. Coloured dresses should be paired with bouquets that complement the dress such as a tone or shade of that particular colour.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the size of the bouquet should be proportionate to the size of the dress. So if your dress is massive, then your bouquet will need to go a few sizes up, however, if you decide to wear a column dress, then a simple bouquet, even a stem will pair wonderfully.

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