The Importance Of Learning A New Language

The internet has turned the world into one giant global village. This has increased the chances of interacting with people whose first language is not English or Chinese. Therefore, learning a second language is no longer a choice but a necessity if you want to thrive well in the 21st century. After the rise of South Korea as a global economic superpower, Korean has exploded into a highly popular language among both hip teenagers and business professionals. This article covers five reasons why you should learn Korean in Singapore as soon as you can.

To Compete in the Career World
Learning a new language gives you a competing edge over other people in the world of job opportunities. Gone are the days when Microsoft word skills would be unique in your job search. Therefore, replacing that with languages such as Korean or Chinese sets you apart from people applying for the same position. Dozens of companies in the country are doing business with the Korean nations, so it essential that you learn Korean in Singapore if you want to remain valuable to your employer.

Boosting your Brain Power
Bilinguals and multilingual have demonstrated a high level of brain functioning than their monolingual counterparts. Some of the cognitive benefits that you are likely to get after learning a new language include abilities to switch between different tasks, better decision-making, better memory, increased self-control, and bigger brains. It is for this reason that you will find fewer bilinguals with degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Improved Personal and Business Relationships
Learning the Korean language instead of waiting for people to accept your native language is going to earn you a lot of friends in Singapore or any other Korean-speaking country. You will have more people striking a conversation with you even in the most unlikely places seeking to know your motivations for learning their language. Korean companies seeking partners in Singapore are highly likely to use their native language instead of English or Chinese. This means that they are more prone to settle for someone who has demonstrated an interest in learning their language. Even basic Korean is sure to win the hearts of the bigwigs in the Korean industry. Therefore, you should enrol in a Korean course in Singapore as soon as possible if you want to create stable business and personal relationships.

You Get to Enjoy a New Culture and an Outsider Understanding of Your Own
You are never going to have an outward look of how people perceive your own culture if you are not willing to learn a new language. This will help you appreciate the intricate things about your culture and its unique features. Additionally, language is the only way you are going to learn about the rich Korean history. The K-pop tunes and K-drama have played a significant role in making Korean culture public across different countries. Therefore, you can enjoy most of them after learning the language instead of relying solely on subtitles.

It Makes Traveling Easier and Cheaper
Anyone who has travelled to a foreign country knows how expensive it can get while purchasing a souvenir from locals. However, speaking in a local tongue will help you save some few coins on gifts and transport. You can also book a hotel at any location and delve into the yummy Korean cuisines in most restaurants without the worry of asking for the wrong item. Most people are always friendly to a tourist who can speak in their language meaning that you are likely to have unexpectedly exciting moments while travelling to a new country.

It takes a long time and a significant amount of effort to learn Korean in Singapore. However, the benefits that you reap after learning the language are worth the hassle. Remember that learning a new language is a gradual process and not something you will grasp immediately. Therefore, you should be prepared to take all the scale the learning curve and take the gradual steps if you want to learn a new language.

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