Wedding Gifts Newlyweds Would Appreciate

Gifts are an integral part of weddings because guests offer them as a token to wish the couple all the best and as gratitude for entertaining them at their wedding. Giving gifts at a wedding is a way of wishing the couple the best, and therefore, you must offer gifts that have thoughts behind them. Check out some of the gift and things to buy in Singapore.

1. Fruits Basket containing Chocolates and Cookies

Get a lot of fresh fruits of different varieties and put them in a basket, and include cookies and chocolates. These are used to extend best wishes and blessings to the newly married couple. Make sure you find out what the favorite fruits of the couple are and buy the best chocolate that you can find around. Decorate the basket with fancy ribbons.

2. Red Wine and Cymbidium Orchids

Get bottles of red wine and decorate them with ribbons and flowers. You can as well add a personal touch by decorating the bottles at home. Include cymbidium orchids and present everything to the couple. Orchid is readily available in Singapore and can be easily found when you go shopping in Singapore. The couple will appreciate the thought behind the gift.

3. Teddy Bear

Gifting someone a teddy bear symbolizes care and love. Present a fluffy teddy bear to a newly wedded couple to show that you love them and wish them well in their union. Teddy bears are quite common when shopping in Singapore.

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