Don’t Let Your Child Lose A Lot Of Nutrients At School

  • At school age, I think it is the best time to practice our child to eat healthy foods. Being at school, the child can learn the importance of eating healthy foods. Example of healthy foods are veggies, fruits and other foods that give us different types of nutrients and vitamins in order for us to function well as a person.The school is also known as a second home for our child and as a parent, we need to be meticulous in choosing schools for our children. Aside from learning academics, we need to observe also the different facilities that the school have.To address the problem of our child’s nutrition outside our home it could be better if we follow the tips below:
    1. Visit the school canteen – since it is the primary source of foods inside the school we need to take a look at their weekly menu to monitor what kind of food they are serving. And also check the beverages and snacks they have if it is also nutritious and good for all ages of children. This is the time they will start a busy social life, have their own allowance and begin to help choose their own lifestyle.
    2. Know their teachers – a good communication to their teachers can pave the way on monitoring our child’s habit of eating, we need to know what kind of peers they have at eating time and what foods they are taking. Especially if your child is studying in an international school in Singapore it is a must that they have a curriculum regarding healthy living.

    To avoid poor nutrition to our child, we must need to take some efforts in doing so. Putting these tips on your list can cater to the wellness of your child while they’re at in school.

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