Before Doing A Hair Transplant, Let’s Check The Facts Below

Hair transplantation is one of the top procedures for restoring and re-growing hair. The appearance of a person depends on hair to a considerable extent, and an early fall of hair can make the people look older than their age. Hair transplant Singapore is the latest craze among hairless or bald people as it helps in acquiring attractive hairline quickly without involving any major surgery. Although not all hair transplant procedures are safe and successful, there are few advanced techniques which are delivering desired results in Singapore.

Steps Involved

The process of hair transplant Singapore involves removing healthy hair follicles from one part and inserting them in the hairless portion. The process can be used effectively for scalp, lashes, and brows. There are three main steps in hair transplantation;

  • preparation,
  • procedure
  • and maintenance.

Hair transplantation facts

  1. The transplanted hair cannot be termed as permanent as it behaves like natural hair and usually sheds between two to four weeks. However, the follicles start to grow again from the roots naturally, and the process repeats every time hair sheds, for a lifetime.
  2. Hair transplant Singapore procedure uses anesthesia to make the procedure painless for the patient and needs no hospitalization for monitoring purposes.
  3. Hair transplantation does not ensure adequate hair growth after the process and the result changes from person to person.
  4. It should be noted that hair transplantation does not serve as a universal solution for all the hairless people, as the procedure can only be offered for suitable candidates.

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