Besides With Collagen, These Methods Can Removing Acne Scars

Acne scarring is the skin pigmentation which is left out after treating acne. Imagine having acne yet still you have to endure old acne scarring. Even so, acne scar removal is achievable, and it is a thing that you must think of if you wish to remove your old acne scarring as well as have a crystal clear skin.

Here in Singapore, you will find several strategies that you could employ to remove acne scarring. A number of them are gradual whereas a few are quick. If you need the fastest route of treatment you can visit Singapore dermatologist for therapy. Or, you may also make use of natural treatments which as well work very well as acne scar removal.

Whatever approach you opt for in acne scar removal, it is good that you talk to your Singapore skin doctor prior to accepting any of the treatment. A few of the widely used acne treatment in Singapore include:


In this process, the leading coating of the skin is eliminated. After finishing the process, your skin should look as well as feel healthier.

Chemical peel

This process is more or else similar to dermabrasion wherein the leading coating of your skin is eradicated. Nevertheless, in this treatment chemicals are employed to take off the skin. After accomplishing this technique, the skin will regenerate as well as appear much better.

Collagen injection

Collagen is injected under your skin which assists in reducing the skin pigmentation as well as scars. You may also make use of laser-light resurfacing as an acne scar removal.

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