Platforms Used To Share Photo Booth Pictures With Guests

Everyone who enters the booth gets a copy of the pictures taken and sent to their email or uploaded to a social media page. Most guests invited to the event and did not attend also want to see how the event went down in their absence too. What other ways of achieving that than hiring a photo booth rental for an unlimited number of photos. Most service providers have also improved their services to include sharing their pictures on social media and live streaming all images on a projector as the event proceeds. Guests can even get a copy of their photo that they can also share on their social media pages to keep their absent counterparts updated on what they are doing. Sharing makes an occasion lively and more memorable to both the guests and the event host. Below are some of the ways you can share photo booth pictures with the guests.

Live Streaming During the Event

Some photo booths will provide live streaming of the photos on a projector especially if the event is happening in a hotel ballroom or any other indoor venue. This will keep the guests entertained while a display of what is happening behind the curtain will inspire people to take more photos during your event.


The event organizer can create an email for sharing photos. This gives everyone access to their pictures without connecting their phone on to the booth. The email should have no limit on who can access images. This way, everyone can share as many photos as possible.

Facebook Fan Page

One can create a Facebook fan page in which guest can look up their photos without a problem. Modern photo booths can link to your Facebook fan page and every photo captured can be recorded on the page instantly. This is also known as instant print photography. Most photo booths have the technology that allows multiple sharing of pictures at the same time. It can also link more than one page at the same time.


Most people create tweets of an event they are attending or have organized. Therefore, you can encourage them to share photos of your events with their twitter followers. Guests who are on Twitter can access these photos directly from the twitter handle and keep following until there are no more photos to show.


It one of the latest ways of sharing videos and photos, one can add their Instagram name on the booth, and all the images of the occasion can flow directly to their page. One can also create a page for the guest present and share the photos with them directly. Every guest who is on the page and friends of the guests will see every shared picture, and they can easily download the images.

Mobile App

Some apps are compatible with a photo booth, and every guest should install the app to get the photos taken at the event. When one has uploaded the pictures from the booth, they can then share it will everyone who has installed the application on their smartphone.

There are other ways of sharing photos like Bluetooth, but these are the latest ones. They are also the best ways to share pictures since most guests have the application on their phone, which they use on a daily basis. Therefore, they are not going to incur any costs of sharing their activities with friends and loved ones.

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