Situations In Which You Need To See A Dermatologist

Nobody should joke with skin health these days as there are millions of skin cancer cases being diagnosed around the world daily. Visiting the dermatologist should not be far down on everyone’s to-do list especially those who have cystic acne or need acne scar removal treatment. Check out some more situations when you should see a dermatologist.

  1. You have an irritated and itchy dry skin

Perhaps you thought it was just a rash and you have tried several over-the-counter treatments, but none of them worked. You need to understand that itchy dry skin may not be a minor issue. It could be a chronic skin condition that requires the attention of a dermatologist. Only your dermatologist can accurately suggest the problems you may be having with your skin.

  1. Rough, scaly patches on the scalp or elbows and knees.

This could be a case of psoriasis, and for effective treatment of psoriasis, you need to go and see a dermatologist. You will need to undergo a skin examination and have your medical history evaluated.

  1. Unusual loss of hair

Loss of hair happens from time to time, but when it is becoming more regular and significant, there could be a bigger underlying problem. Loss of hair is mostly hereditary, but in some instances, it could be due to the lack of essential vitamins. Whatever else the reason may be, a dermatologist can

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