How TCM Can Surprisingly Aid In Weight Loss

Millions of dollars are spent on diet and exercise programs in the West in an effort to lose weight. In most cases, these programs only yield temporary results. It is a common occurrence for people who had once achieved weight loss to get rebound weight gain because the solutions offered by weight loss programs, in one way or another, were temporary.

Weight loss programs do not seem to work for most of us because we have fixed our minds on regulating our intake of calories, as though this is the only parameter for weight loss.

Frankly, what we are missing is a crucial piece of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the element on how our body functions, which perfectly fits the jig-saw puzzle of weight loss. This crucial element is energy. And we are not talking about the energy you obtain from food, but the responsibility for your vitality, your well-being and controls the functioning of the body.

Our ability to lose a significant amount of weight and maintain a healthy weight is enhanced by the strength and balance of this energy.

What is qi

According to TCM, this energy is called “qi”, pronounced as chee. TCM weight loss programs in Singapore use movement activities, diets, acupuncture, herbs and meditation to achieve its definition of health – building and conserving the energy of qi.

When there is abundant qi within our body, our organs and systems function properly to maintain our health.

But how does qi help with weight loss? According to TCM weight loss, losing weight does not solely depend on the regulation of calorie intake. It focuses mainly on channeling, fortifying, nourishing and sustaining qi.

Qi then helps in raising and boosting metabolism which then improves weight loss. It is by far one of the best slimming treatment Singaporeans can try out.

Factors that weaken qi

Stress is the major factor that weakens qi. However, other emotional imbalances, poor quality and quantity of sleep, as well as poor diet are known to reduce qi. These factors tend to make the body depleted, hence a barrier to letting go of weight. You end up with low energy and increased cravings for food.

How to enhance your qi

1. Avoid changing dietary regimen too often

This strategy is particularly important to those with a weakened digestive system. When your digestive system is weak, you tend to suffer from unnecessary bloating, excessive gas, and feeling sluggish after eating. Try to figure out foods that make you feel this way and avoid them.

2. Eat foods full of qi

Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, organic meats and legumes because they are full of qi. You should also try and avoid eating refined, artificial or packaged foods.

3. Follow your body’s clock

Your biological clock controls a lot of processes in the body. The chief of these processes is sleep. If you follow the natural rhythm of your body, you are likely to improve in your energy, boost your digestion and maintain a healthy state of mind.


Weight loss is not just about limiting calorie intake and increasing protein intake. You should also keep your body in check and your system working in good condition. By focusing on your qi as indicated by TCM, you basically indulge in a holistic effective slimming treatment approach to achieving weight loss.

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