The Singaporean Guide To Creating Your Bedroom Heaven

Choosing the right size is very vital when choosing from bed frames Singapore sale. You need to consider a lot of things like material, color and style. If you are looking for the right bed frame, this guide will help you. Do you need box spring? Are you looking for a canopy bed? Is sleigh bed specific to log cabins? Here are some of the most common styles of bed frames you can find at an online furniture shop.

Storage Bed

Bed frame with storage is well designed to help improve storage in your bedroom. It is widely used to serve several purposes and it is very space efficient.

Platform bed

It is one of the most common types of bed frames. They come in different styles and they have low profile, sleek look. You can easily find the frame with its flat base without using any box spring.

Upholstered bed

You can definitely get the luxury you deserved with this bed frame. These bed frames are very bold, comfortable and can fit in different spaces.

Sleigh Bed

As the name suggests, sleigh beds are simply the beds, which look like sleigh with raised foot board and high back. It can work in any setting and has serious and elegant style.

Wrought Iron Bed

This type of bed really outshines the competition with different bed designs in terms of longevity thanks to its strong build. You can also choose these beds in different styles.

Canopy Bed

The canopy bed is also known as four-poster bed and it has been popular over the years with more modern and simple designs to lead the market.

You may also want to consider adding a chest of drawers or rugs in your room to alleviate the mood of your room.

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