Why Expat Families In Singapore Choose International Schools

Singapore leads globally in providing the world’s best educational facilities. The island boasts of having equally outstanding local and international schools. However, if you are an expat; admit your child to a top international school in Singapore. Here’s why:

  1. Easy admission

The mainstream schools in Singapore always prefer Singaporeans and permanent residents. Hence, international students need to clear the AEIS assessment test to gain admission. Now, the competition in the test is immense and you do not have assurance if your child can beat the crowd.

Compared to that, international schools have easy assessment tests. You can easily get your child admitted into any one.

  1. Diversified syllabus

The local schools in Singapore strictly follow a Singapore based syllabus. Nevertheless, international schools give you plenty of options.

In the case of expats who are in Singapore for only a few years and intend on returning to their hometown after that; they can consider admitting their child into international schools using their home country’s syllabus.

Expats who plan to stay for a longer term in Singapore can admit their child to schools following the International Baccalaureate Program. The degree is highly beneficial if your child wants to pursue higher education overseas.


  1. Less competitive

The competition in Singapore’s local schools is extremely high. As someone new to the culture, your child might not be able to keep up with the stressful environment.

International schools, in that case, help a lot being less competitive and nurturing a multi-lingual skill-set. This is made possible with the IB MYP programme and the IB diploma programme, both of which allow students to take up additional languages for study.


  1. Better teaching guidance

The student to teacher ratio for local schools is around 30:1. In International schools, this ratio ranges from 10 to 24:1. Hence, more attention and time is provided for each student.

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