How To Prevent Unauthorised Personnel From Entering

Industrial doors are a broad term covering different types of locks and access controls to secure the premises while providing easy entry and access when needed. Industrial doors are also using for fire protection, environmental control, top-level security, easy access, or high visibility. Here are some of the common types of industrial doors you can use –

Rolling Shutter Doors

These types of doors have several horizontal bars or slats hinged together and can operate in a vertical plane in the frame. You can operate the doors electrically or manually and can control with photocell, remote control, motion sensor or induction loop. The use of these types of doors is basically to access business units or warehouses where you need eco-friendliness, security, and ease of access.

Sectional Overhead Doors

These types of doors have several things in common with rolling shutter doors, especially because you can install in limited space and they operate vertically. These features also prevent vehicle damage. They are also built with larger panels or slats. With this panel design, you can add windows and visual panes, as well as door access. They have great thermal qualities and can serve as a great barrier to retain temperature.

Crash Doors or PVC Strip Curtains

If there is huge traffic between the partitioned areas, you may have Crash Doors or PVC Strip Curtains. These types of doors are built well for easy access to trollies, forklift trucks, personnel, or vehicles with the control access point. You do not have to open or close the doors either using any switch or manually.

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