Chinese Jewelry That Is Auspicious To Wear At Weddings

Chinese wedding gems seems threatening at first look: yellow gold adornments which looks huge, overwhelming and forcefully. Numerous elegant present-day ladies wear it with satisfaction on the greatest day of their lives, regardless.

Conveying the well wishes of those dearest to us and serving as a means to remember our identity, Chinese wedding adornments is bound with significance and absorbed culture.


Dragon & Phoenix Bangles

Structuring the perfect association, loaded up with solidarity, concordance and equalization, the perfect and upright winged serpent, known as ”Leader of Beasts” and the Phoenix, known as ”Bird Lord”, brings excellence and helps us thrive.

The lady of the hour gets numerous sets of these thick bangles (all gold jewelry), stacked on the lower arms, after being introduced generally by the Hakka or Cantonese families during the tea function. Intended to explicitly indicate these jewelleries, sleeves of the conventional tea function outfit is abbreviated.

Four Pieces of Gold

Comprising of an arm ornament, rings and hoops (gold jewelry as well) and an ornament, This Chiu Chow and Hokkien custom is displayed before the wedding. In current occasions, a few ladies may spurn custom and opt for two rings and two pieces of jewellery rather. Some also opt for only a solitary thing of a higher worth.

Gold Miniatures

A rice bowl set, a child’s bath or stylized “ruyi” staff were favorable and costly blessings, in the days of yore. Fast forward to the present age, they might be less important, however, there is no loss of their propitious meanings. Obviously, well-wishers might settle for these scaled-down gold variants in 24K gold.

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