A Comprehensive Guide To The IB MYP In Singapore

The education foundation International Baccalaureate or IBO is a Switzerland based organization. It offers International Baccalaureate subjects in Singapore and Middle Years Programme. International schools in Singapore are affiliated with this organization to provide better education with a mixed cultural variant from around the world.

Subjects: International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme offers these subjects in Singaporean international Schools; arts, physical and health education, design education, mathematics, sciences, language acquisition, language and literature, individual and societies. The listed subjects require a minimum of 50 hours of teaching period for each programme. In the Middle Years Programme student needs to complete different subjects in a course within a particular limit. The individual will learn local education along with international requirements. The students are free to select a course what they want to learn. It is a long term programme and students should discover all the requirement and criteria to complete the course. The course helps the students to compare their study with the real world. The IB Middle Years Programme provides facilities which are suitable for their interests and educational abilities. The age range is eleven to sixteen years old.

The student will explore identities and relationships to use it practically. The personal and cultural expression will develop in the course time. They can engage themselves in scientific and technical innovation. The course will ensure globalization and sustainability along with orientations in space and time. The subject areas also develop a conceptual understanding of a student in Singapore.

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