Study Techniques To Help You Ace Your Physics A-Levels

Weekends in Singapore are the times to let go and relax. However, if you are taking the A-level physics examinations soon, that may not be the best way to spend the weekend.

You need to find activities that are both relaxing and enhance your proficiency in physics. Below are some activities which you can include in your weekend schedule.

Slot in A Few Hours for Physics Tuition

Yes, it’s the weekend and you may not want to have a class session. However, JC physics tuition sessions will not make you feel like the weekend is snatched from you.

You’ll get to spend time with tutors who present physics topics in a fascinating way, and help you understand and tackle problems in a systematic and straight-forward manner. Moreover, when you enroll in JC physics tuition as a group, you’ll get to interact with peers from various schools and widen your social circle.

Watch Educational Videos and Video Lectures on YouTube

Yes, you may want to spend the weekend catching up on your series, but there’s so much you can get online. There are hundreds of free physics lessons and video lectures available online.

Just pick out a topic that you’re struggling with, watch the video lecture online and enhance your understanding and proficiency in physics from the comfort of your own home.

You could pick out certain aspects about the video, especially if they seem to be inconsistent with your teacher’s explanations, and ask your physics tutor to clarify it for you.

Read Hawking’s Book A Brief History of Time

Stephen Hawking was one of the most renowned scientists in modern times. In 1988 he wrote a book, A Brief History of Time, and just as the title suggests, the book is a fascinating read. It is filled with intriguing topics, such as of the origin and nature of the universe, but is also dives deep into the more complicated concepts of physics and mathematics.

You may get through the first few chapters easily. However, after that, you may need to refer to your physics notes just to ensure that you can connect the dots.

Read Leisurely about Physics Concepts

Speaking of Hawking’s book brings forth another paradigm. The classroom is not the best place to hear about a concept in physics for the first time. The teacher may move through the concept so fast that you may miss the intrigues that surround its development.

You can visit the local library or ask your JC physics tutor to help you pick out interesting books on physics that you can read, just to enjoy the stories that surrounded the discoveries.

To conclude, these activities will not just enhance your proficiency in physics, but also benefit your overall education and understanding of the world we live in.

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