How Efficient Corporate Gifting Can Improve Your Business

Do you love gifts? Who doesn’t? Now imagine the impact of giving gifts to your employees or customers. It can bring plenty of benefits to your business.

Corporate gifts refer to products that are given by a company to people either within the company, or to customers of the company. Gifts given internally may be for purposes of staff appreciation, as memorabilia for certain occasions, or as part of a welcome pack for new staff. Gifts given externally are generally for customer appreciation, such as for long-time clients or to commemorate special holidays.

While giving gifts may seem to be a loss for the company who has to purchase these gifts, many companies practice corporate gifting because it brings countless benefits to the company in the long run. These are the reasons why organisations believe in corporate gifting:

1. Boosts Company Morale and Cohesion

Giving corporate gifts internally boosts staff morale, especially if these gifts are given as a reward or appreciation for the work that has been done. Workers who receive a gift will feel valued as part of the company, thus increasing their sense of belonging to the company. Also, when you own an exclusive item with the brand’s name etched on it, you inevitably feel a sense of pride and solidarity with your company.

2. Positive Brand Image

People will remember a company that gives generously. Thus, organisations that give corporate gifts can project a positive brand image to people. As a bonus, interesting or practical gifts create a lasting impression as people will talk about the gift or use the gift item for a long time. For example, giving out a mug as a corporate gift is a good idea as people can use the mug every day, and remember the brand every time they use the mug.

3. New Customers

As a consequence of increasing your brand awareness, corporate gifts have the potential to attract new customers. Imagine the scenario: your existing customer is using a pen bearing your company logo. A non-customer sees the logo, and it happens to be a brand for products he currently needs. As your brand is at the top of his mind now, he is more likely to check out your brand’s offerings and make a purchase.

4. Reduce Marketing Costs

Corporate gifts are a subtle way to market your brand without going all out on flashy advertisements and full-fledged marketing campaigns. At very competitive prices, you can get hot water flasks, thumb drives, and on non woven bags wholesale. For the quality and quantity, your customers will not believe the little amount you spent on the items, and in return, your brand earns back in terms of brand awareness.

5. Sets You Apart from Your Competitors

You are probably not the only brand your customers do business with. However, by gifting them meaningful gifts, you can easily win a place as their favourite brand – especially so if your gifts are practical and personalised. For example, gift suppliers have custom leather wallets in Singapore that make for unique and usable gifts. This personal treatment makes people feel special and gives them a sense of familiarity with your business. As such, your company can rise above its competitors through the wise choice of corporate gifts.

Here are a few tips to ensure your corporate gifts make an impact on your customers:

  • Understand the needs and interests of your clients to help you choose gift items that are useful and appreciated by them.
  • Go for high-quality gifts that reflect the company’s reputation rather than tarnish it.
  • Include a personalised note alongside the gift to make it more exclusive and to convey the intention to build a genuine relationship with your client.

Now that you know about the benefits of smart corporate gifting, will you be finding more chances to give gifts to your employees and clients?

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