5 Ways Photographers Can Be Noticeable From The Crowd

Starting a career as a photographer is not very easy, despite the fact that cameras are so easy to obtain nowadays. The market for good photographers is crowded with students, freelancers and studio professionals, all vying for the same pool of clients. Whether it be jobs related to event photography in Singapore, portrait photography or promotional photography, many photographers are finding it harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. Today, there are many ways that a photographer’s name can be lent credibility, ranging from the work they produce to the good working relationships they have with their clients. Here are five ways that photographers can stand out from the crowd.


A portfolio is a compilation of past photographs that the photographer has taken, intended to show clients that the photographer has taken very good photographs previously and therefore can do so again. Typically, a portfolio is shown in either a physical photo album or an online one, and may even be posted on a photographer’s website. They will show a large variety of shots taken at different events, including simple everyday shots and stylised, artistic ones. A portfolio is the bread and butter of the photography profession and every photographer should always have a compilation of their best photos ready to show to all potential clients.

Social media – Instagram!

With the social media revolution, Instagram has become an important tool for event photographers to gain online popularity and therefore reach clients through this online platform. Instagram is especially popular due to its ‘Discover’ feature, which allows anybody to find talented photography profiles and follow them. Having a coherent suite of photos on Instagram will serve a photographer well in the long run as it helps to promote the photographer’s work – especially if they keep it constantly updated.


Having a personalised website that showcases the photographer’s brand and works is essential in demonstrating professionalism and commitment to the craft. Websites are the best way for clients to find out more about the photographer and the work that they do. It is also a way for them to contact the photographer for potential enquiries. Starting a website may be easy, but maintaining one with constant content requires persistence and prolonged effort. An aesthetically pleasing website will certainly win the hearts of potential clients.

Winning competitions

In Singapore, there are many photography competitions. Submitting and winning these competitions will not only make the photographer seem more professional but also increase their reputation, especially among larger corporations who may only be looking at a photographer’s CV before hiring them.

Professionalism & working attitudes

Finally, if a photographer leaves a lasting impression on a previous client, they may be able to get more jobs through word-of-mouth. Clients will often prioritise photographers who have good working relationships with them over new ones. As such, it is important for all photographers in this business to work closely with clients, in order to build successful relationships for the future.


Photographers are able to distinguish themselves from a crowded pool of competitors in various ways, often using a combination of these methods to better persuade clients to hire them.

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