Ways Serviced Offices Enhance Teamwork In The Workplace

The concept of serviced offices has made various businesses, especially start-ups with limited resources, to easily bring their talent together at a single location, purely on a need-based basis. Accordingly, without having to opt for costly and cumbersome long term leases, these entities can go about their businesses without any qualms.

That is precisely the reason for which we are witnessing a plethora of green serviced office spaces today in Singapore!

Multiple Divisions Working in Tandem

Any business, especially as it grows, requires multiple divisions to work together in tandem. Be it marketing, sales, finance, operations, etc. they all need to work together towards transformational success. By making it so easy to have an office set-up, business office rental services are ensuring just that.

Collaboration between Multiple Companies and Businesses

If you thought that such professional association at any given green office was limited to solitary businesses or companies alone, think again! Many smart and dynamic businesses are seizing the opportunity to bring together diverse companies, often combining the best minds across their entire operations.

For instance, if there is a sales wiz at a particular organisation, they will, in turn, bring on board a tech ninja from another one. Ultimately, the combined goal is always to ensure the greater good for everyone. Now, at traditional offices, this is not always an easy endeavour but at a suitable office space for rent, things do get a whole lot easier.

Disbanding Once Done

Most serviced office choices in Singapore offer a big advantage, which is the fact that once the desired goal is achieved, everyone can disband as easily as they got together. Therefore, while great minds can easily be brought together at these serviced offices, they can also be disbanded just as easily.

This is in complete contrast to any long-term lease scenario where once you abide by the terms of the lease, typically around a year or longer, you have to stick to those terms, no matter what. Serviced office accommodation choices, on the other hand, give complete leeway to simply disband and walk away once the desired objective has been achieved. So for instance, if there is a major client presentation for which multiple entities are required to come together and prepare, once the meeting is done and dusted, they can all disband as easily and quickly as they got together.


Any talk about office space for lease cannot ignore the cost aspect. When we compare with any regular leasing scenario, these serviced office rental options invariably offer a far better bargain. This is, of course, especially true since you rent only for the duration you need without any long term commitment.

At the same time, any long term office renter would know about the barrage of fixed expenses that come with doing so; there would be all kinds of additional costs added to the already high lease such that overall expenses would simply skyrocket.

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