4 Tips To Help You Work Around Tight Living Spaces

When one intends to beautify their home, budget is often taken into consideration, as it is a crucial component that ultimately widens or limits your options. However, there are plenty of interior design packages in Singapore that are not only affordable but will gift you the house of your dreams. On that note, take a look at some interior design ideas that might be beneficial for you.

1. Adopt An Open Plan Design

Let’s face it, Singapore is a tiny country and sectioning a livable space for 5 million of us is a difficult task on the government’s part. The rising population translates to smaller homes for the future generation and eventually, smaller house footprints. But a small space does not necessarily equate to limited interior design options.

Give your home an illusion of space when you adopt an open plan design. An open plan design allows flexibility when you wish to reconfigure furnishings to different room layouts. The lack of partitions between the different sections of your home will also give you a sense of openness and greater traffic flow. Since most open plan designs include the dining room, living room and kitchen, you will need to be able to create a visual dividing line between the three spaces. For instance, most landed house interior design firms will include a kitchen island or peninsula in their kitchen renovation package, to separate the kitchen from the other two areas.

2. Plan Your Thoroughfares

Whether you opt for an open plan design or otherwise, ensure that you consider thoroughfares. Many take space for granted, especially when you buy into the illusion that certain interior designs offer. Cramming too much furniture into an area is never a good design choice, especially when it leaves you little to no room for people to walk around comfortably. Leave at least 90cm wide for at least two people to pass each other.

Save space opting for furniture that doubles as storage space as well. For instance, there are elegant storage sofas that you can use as a living room piece.

3. Install Hardwood Flooring

It is not uncommon for homes to have hardwood flooring these days and the appeal doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Hardwood flooring can last you a last time and are more durable compared to your linoleum flooring or laminated ones. You will don’t have to replace them every 10 or 20 years and only needs to be refurbished or re-sanded to maintain its lustre. The non-electromagnetic nature of the wooden flooring makes it less prone to attracting debris, dust or dirt. All in all, they give you a sense of elegance and grandeur that enhances the overall ambience of your home.

There are a few things to take note when considering hardwood floors. Choose the right type of wood to prevent any potential termite attack. Also, be selective of the areas that you wish to install this type of flooring as it is easily destroyed when there is seepage. This gives way to moulds and fungus that will grow and spread if given time. Mop your floors with a microfiber mopping cloth and sprays meant for wooden floors. Ensure that mops are not dripping with water and avoid harsh detergents.

4. Elevate The Visual With White Woodwork

If you opt for dark wooden flooring, consider complementing it with dazzling white woodwork. It not only offers an amazing contrast to your floors, but this elegant design will also give you an illusion of space. Since white reflect all visible wavelengths of light, your home will look brighter to a certain degree. Your home will feel expansive and expensive.

That said, try to avoid white on white. Avoid having your home looking sterile by bringing in colours here and there. You can opt for bolder trims or even a loud coloured wall as the main focus on your space. All in all, ensure that your colours flow and tie your home together.


A small space and a tight budget do not limit your interior design options. Decide the visual that you wish your dream house to have and employ these tricks to execute it well without burning a hole through your pocket. Be transparent with your interior designers and they will inform you of your options!

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