Express Emotional Flavours Of Your Big Day With A Caterer

Singapore has several renowned and reputed caterers. With a wide variety of catering services present, narrowing down the choice can be a big challenge. Here are some useful tips to help you select the perfect wedding catering Singapore service.

Food Tasting

While you can get online reviews, they are not as effective as tasting the menu in person. Reputed and skilled caterers will allow you to taste their offerings. Attend a few of such tastings even if they charge you for the tasting.

Is The Caterer Professional

While food tasting is ample proof of the caterer’s skill, there are other things you should take note of. The way the chef plates a meal, the attitude of the caterer, overall service and other such details should be noted. A professional caterer will be able to take care of delays, issues in food quality and other problems adeptly.


Personalisation of the wedding menu plays a vital role in making a wedding unique and talked about. To ensure this, you need to look for caterers who can provide a stellar catering experience that includes the food and the décor. The caterer should be able to provide specific themed menus, color palettes and more if you want it.

Finally, have a look at the terms of the service especially refunds, cancellation and hidden costs. Ensure these are beneficial to you and you do not incur any loss, if the caterer cancels on the wedding day. If it happens, the catering service should provide a refund and also refer to another catering service. Use the above tips to hire the best wedding catering Singapore service.

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