Show Your Staff Appreciation To With These Inexpensive Gifts

‘Thank you’ is one of the few words that people are finding it hard to say every single day. Despite this, it is one of the most important words to say when you are at home, in school, and even at work. The biggest misconception is that the only way to say thank you in a company is through monetary terms.

Rather than go all out on a big-money present, there are other ways that you can say thank you to your staff. Here are a few ways that you can show appreciation to your staff while still being on a budget.

Handwritten cards

Handwritten cards come at a very low price, and you can even have one made with the company’s logo at the top. You can write a note inside telling the staff how much they are valued and appreciated by the company for the great work that they do every single day. This can make an employee go above and beyond to make the company successful because they know that they are valued. The employees will be able to keep the cards and show them off.

Giving them handwritten notes will also make them feel special, making it essential to be thoughtful when writing the note. You can tell them about the attribute that made you like them. Is it the persistence they have when they want to deliver a service or a product? Is it the attention to detail that makes clients happy that they are dealing with your company? Or is it the determination to meet the deadline even if it means burning the midnight oil? Let them know what makes them stand out.

Giving them a thoughtful gift

A thoughtful gift doesn’t have to be expensive. If you know your staff well, you can always get them gifts that align with their likes or their hobbies. For example, beauty boutique discounts or spa vouchers work well as it gives your staff the best treat of being pampered. You can also get a variety of inexpensive corporate gifts for them too.

Go the extra mile and have the gifts engraved with the employee’s name and the current year. You may also give them an extra day off for them to spend with their families. However, it is best to make sure that you have made proper arrangements so that there are other employees to cover for the staff.

Gifting a book

You can never go wrong with giving a book to someone, especially if they are determined. A book can be an excellent gift for someone who is yearning to expand their knowledge. You can get them a book on a topic that they love, or one that will help them boost and build their career. Motivational books by great authors are an excellent choice. 

Are you having trouble wondering how you can get to know more about your team without making them feel uncomfortable? This is where a team-building weekend is excellent. You can prepare a questionnaire for your staff, such as knowing about their favourite food, movies, authors, and other relevant information. With that, you can always jot down this information so that you can reference them whenever you need.

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