4 Things To Expect When Booking A Serviced Apartment

Whether you’re going abroad for travelling purposes, a business trip or to pursue your studies – just about anyone knows that looking for accommodation is one of the most frustrating tasks to be done.

Most people are looking for an all-in-one solution – comfort, affordability, luxury, interaction, and privacy.

That said, here’s where fully furnished apartments for rent come into the picture. They are pretty much the complete package that many will be seeking when it comes to accommodation!

Here’s what to expect when you look to book a serviced apartment over other accommodation options.

Spacious rooms

Who doesn’t love a little extra space when it comes to your own personal space?

Everyone would prefer a commodious room to a cramped shoebox of a room. The latter will only leave you a fraction of space as your luggage, or personal belongings take up more than half of the room.

Besides, based on the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) – serviced apartments have 30% additional space compared to a typical hotel room.

That’s right, go on and invite your new buddy you just made or bring in your old mates and spend some precious time together!

The space is all yours to enjoy.

Essential facilities

Remember what we said about having everything in one place? This is exactly it!

In your own space, you’ll get your own television, refrigerator, workstation, and many other necessary home appliances. On the other hand, all the cooking and meals are all done in the shared kitchen and dining spaces.

The perfect mix of privacy and community, indeed.

And we’re not quite done yet. You can find other kinds of shared spaces where many like-minded or different individuals are at! From a modern gym to a relaxing reading lounge – there’s plenty to do in such furnished apartments for rent.

It’s really up to you on what you want to get started on!

At-home feeling

Is a comfortable atmosphere something you prioritise when selecting your choice of accommodation?

Fully serviced apartments are capable of providing a home-like experience in their spaces with their facilities and design. In fact, they just look like an upgraded version of your home with much-advanced facilities.

The best part is – you’re still away from home, so you still get your own share of privacy.

It is especially recommended for business and leisure travellers who are looking for a getaway but still want to feel comfortable in their space.


Unlike typical hotel rooms where the room costs are calculated based on the number of days you’re planning to stay – serviced apartments charge you according to your duration of stay in full.

Usually, the prices will be given monthly. That way, it’d be much easier to calculate your overall expenses and track them during your stay.

Moreover, the all-inclusive rates ensure everything is covered, and there’s no need to pay for additional costs.

The perks of serviced apartments are infinite – see what’s in it for you when you try it out on your next stay!

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