Ijen Tour Package: Hike To The Heart Of The Ijen Crater

Indonesia is an exotic region, surrounded by a large number of volcanic formations. This Asian nation is one of the most extraordinary tourist destinations. It is a region where several ethnic communities that express a determining culture are grouped. Here the fluent handling of various languages ​​is concentrated, which generates great curiosity for the tourist.

For visitors, being close to a Komodo Dragon generates a strong attraction, as well as enjoying authentic coral formations. Most of the beaches are kept in an active family environment. The currents are not strong, the waters are clear and the tropical climate is sunny and constant.

Among the packages for travelers, natural and cultural routes and contacts with impressive animals are emphasized. The tourist packages of hotels in Indonesia, vary their prices depending on the time and activities to take. However, almost all maintain similarity and balance.

The tourist packages stay between 3 to 13 nights of overnight stay. Each package offers a detailed itinerary of daily activities. Among the most outstanding activities offered among the Ijen tour packages are:

  • Tour of Ijen Volcano.
  • Tour of Kintamani Volcano.
  • Walk around Delhi with the Jama mosque.
  • Tour of the oldest and most prominent markets of Chandni Chawk
  • Let’s go through the flora and fauna by elephant.
  • Visit to the Palace of Winds.
  • Proximity to the four most respected temples in Chiang Mai.

However, not everything is scheduled. The tour packages also offer you freedom of walks and excursions. Independent visits to the city and markets are very frequent. This activates the excitement of the trip. Contact a tour agency now!

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