4 Steps to Push Startups to Work Together During COVID-19

While some of us may still have our rice bowl and are earning our keep; not many out there are as fortunate. During this difficult period of time, many are suffering from the devastating consequences of the COVID-19 crisis.

The airline, entertainment, and many other industries are unable to continue with their regular operations, and are left with no stable or even no source of income at all. Startups, in particular, are having an even harder time dealing with the negative impact of the pandemic; loss of funding, lack of customers, no new investors, and many other consequences.

It is highly important that we do everything within one’s power to help one another amidst this crisis.

As such, our articles will not be centring their focus on fully furnished apartments for rent, but instead, be on how startups can support each other. Read on for the steps you can be taking!

1. Take part in online or community groups

The power of collaboration should never be underestimated.

Now, is the perfect time to maintain a sense of collaboration and community; in order to tide over the destructive economic crisis.

Go on and look out for existing regional or local hubs and opt to follow or request to be a member, so you can get in touch with other like-minded entrepreneurs and founders. As you share problems, ideas, and solutions, engage in discussions, brainstorming sessions, and debates together – it’ll help in creating a tighter, stronger, united front in withstanding the current economic situation.

2. Exchange tools and resources with one another

With the lack of physical interaction and communication with one another, it can greatly affect how businesses operate.

However, it is not an issue which cannot be solved – but rather, just one we have to adapt to quickly.

The power of technology will never cease to be beneficial for the masses – especially at a time like this; we need such online tools and resources to communicate. Tons of tools like Zoom, Trello, and G Suite are particularly effective in supporting your day-to-day activities usually done in an office setting.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to upgrade yourself during this period – Coursera offers free courses across many different specialisations for anybody across the globe! Businesspersons can find online courses for career development, building your cloud technology career or even for honing soft skills like conflict resolution and effective communication.

3. Share referrals and job ads for those who are out of work

Unfortunately, some will have difficulty retaining their jobs, face retrenchment or will have to put a temporary stop to business operations for a moment.

Either way, the devastating consequences remain the same – there won’t be a source of income to support you.

During a time like this, it’s important to support each other while we can – and it’s as simple as recommending any jobs at the sight of an available opportunity. For instance, right now, several companies in Singapore like Amazon, foodpanda, FairPrice, Razer Inc. are still hiring so you could consider these options.

Meanwhile, other part-time jobs open to the public include temperature checkers, healthcare screeners, social distancing ambassadors, contract data analysts at STB, and food delivery drivers.

4. Check on the well-being of others in your community

It can be as simple as checking up on your colleagues or other businesses in your industry – see how they’re doing and find out how you can offer your help.

The same goes when you’re still living within the serviced apartments community. It is still possible to communicate with one another as long as you maintain your distance. On the other hand, you could still interact through online platforms as well – many are springing up everywhere to help everyone globally to remain connected.

Or if you can afford to, support another’s business by purchasing a product or engaging them to try out their services – a little help will always do plenty!

With the Circuit Breaker being initiated since 7th April, more and more businesses are struggling due to the present economic crisis. As such, we all must do what we can to help one another during this period of time.

Regular operations will still continue, and existing housemates will be given access to our fully serviced apartments as per usual. Residents are highly advised to comply with the measures and rules put in place, so as to do our part in combatting the pandemic. If we unite our strengths and help one another during this difficult period, tiding over this crisis is possible!

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