Dieting Made Easy With These 5 Delectable Ingredients

When you think of diet, you’re probably thinking of basic meals like salads. Not that it’s dull, because salads can be fancied up with ingredients, texture and flavour! The point is, dieting isn’t restricted to just romaine lettuces and cherry tomatoes! Just because you’re eating healthy, doesn’t mean the flavour and variety should be compromised! Adding on, it can be challenging to eat healthily all the time – but that’s because we make healthy eating sound more complicated than it is.

Aside from signing up for weight loss programs online or at the gym, healthy eating also plays a part in weight loss. However, instead of giving up on everything you love, think about healthier substitutes that can ease your dieting process instead. So, we’ll be shedding light on some healthy ingredients that can ensure guilt-free meals, along with how it benefits your health and body!

Shirataki Noodles

Also known as ‘miracle’ noodles, shirataki noodles are derived from the roots of konjac plant. This ingredient can be adapted in to a wide range of dishes!

Shirataki noodles are high in glucomannan which is a type of soluble fibre that can absorb water to form a gel. Glucomannan is also a powerful weight-loss tool as it promotes feelings of fullness, despite being low in calories.

Zucchini Noodles

Zucchini noodles, better known as ‘zoodles’, took the world by storm when it was first introduced. Despite its rapid popularity, this trend is here to stay. Simply use a peeler or spiraliser to cut the zucchini into noodle-like strands. While zoodles can be eaten raw, they also taste great when stir-fried, boiled or drenched in sauce.

Aside from having low carb content and being gluten-free, zucchini contains little calories, as seen by how approximately five cups of zoodles are equivalent to one cup of regular wheat-based noodles! It also increases your vegetable intake, which significantly aids weight loss.


Regarded as a form of healthy fat, avocado is the most versatile ingredient! Not only does it taste divine on toast, but it can also be used to replace butter! So, you can still factor some brownies in your diet – just make sure to check online for proper measurement conversions.

Since it contains high fat and fibre content, avocados can help you to feel full for a more extended period – partly because of the fat and fibre that slowly release food into your stomach. Also, the fact that it’s a form of fat might seem rather daunting. But, it might be assuring to know that the monounsaturated fats in avocados burn at a higher rate than regular fat, which causes your body to burn more calories after eating.


You should think twice about adding sugar to your smoothie. As alternatives, use honey, stevia, or even dates! Deseed a couple of dates and add them in to your smoothie mixture before blending it all up. You’d be surprised by how naturally sweet they are! On top of that, the fibre adds a new depth to your smoothie which will leave you wanting more.

Similar to avocados, dates contain high dietary fibre content which helps you feel fuller longer. Dates also help reduce inflammation and are a rich source of protein! And because it is sweet, it can help to satiate your sweet tooth cravings.


If you miss indulging in the rich and creamy texture of mashed potatoes, fret not! Cauliflower is a healthier substitute to potatoes which are loaded with carbs. Most importantly, you can still indulge in a hearty bowl of cauliflower mash without compromising the texture of the original dish!

Being low in calories, cauliflower serves as a great replacement to high-calorie foods like rice and flour. It also contains an impressive nutrient profile which includes almost every vitamin and minerals you need to lose weight.


Any food eaten in abundance could be fattening. So, take note of your calorie intake when meal planning; otherwise, it’d be quite counterproductive. When embarking on your weight-loss journey, you can consider signing up for TCM slimming treatments, which is a safe and natural form of slimming technique with zero harmful side effects that might usually come with taking slimming pills and other unhealthy dieting methods.

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