A Guide To Selecting The Ideal Interior Doors For Your Home

If you look around your house, you might find plenty of decorations and displays throughout but what about your doors? Doors are a standard staple in every household, and yet, it’s easy to overlook. However, doors can add a flair of character and beauty to your home. As most of us purchase homes with pre-installed doors, we often look right past them.

Interior doors are essential in a house; so, much thought should go into choosing one. If your home is about to undergo a condo and landed property renovation in Singapore, then picking a new door is a step that you should not neglect.

Types of doors

The style of your door can make a lot of difference in your home’s design. Be sure to have fun! Mix and match the door styles, but make sure to maintain some similar elements so that there would be a flow throughout the house. Before thinking of the design, here are four kinds of doors you may consider:

1. Panel doors

Panel doors are a ubiquitous sight in Singapore homes. Usually made out of wood with rectangular or square indentations made into them.

2. French doors

A door with transparent glass panels, which are either clear or frosted. If you have a balcony, then this maximises the presence of natural doors in the house.

3. Dutch doors

Dutch doors may not be conventional in Singapore, but they’ll certainly spruce up your home! Imagine a door that’s horizontally split into two, where you’re able to swing the top half open while the bottom half stays closed. If you have pets and want to keep them out of a room, then consider this.

4. Blind doors

With no visible handles, trims or hinges – this door blends in the wall. It’s perfect if you’re trying to hide the entrance of your storeroom!

Door swing

When ordering or customising a door, you can choose between a right-hand or left-hand door swing. This determines the position of the knob and hinges and where it swings upon opening or closing. Sounds confusing? If there’s a handle on the right when it opens towards you, it’s a right-hand door. Keep in mind that it shouldn’t swing outwards into the hall or corridor.

Door frame

A door frame refers to a doorway in which the door is fitted. If you’re spending a lot on the door, then invest in durable framing materials! If you plan to build it yourself, make sure to follow the instructions carefully or hire help from an interior design consultancy in Singapore for guidance. Two types of doors can be bought:

1. Pre-hung doors

Pre-hung doors are a nearly complete package that fits into a prepared doorway. Its features usually include a door slab, hinges, frame, pre-cut hole for a doorknob.

2. Slab doors

Slab doors come as the door itself, so you’ll need to attach the hinges and door frame to make sure it’s hung properly.

Door sound ratings

Doors with a higher level of soundproofing quality can bring about a quieter and private home. The sound transmission class (STC) of a door measures the amount of sound loss through the door. The higher the STC, the lesser sound passes through the door. This rating is dependent on the door’s materials. Generally, 20 is the lowest level as conversation-level speech can be heard even when the door is closed. 40 is the average, and anything between 55 and 60 is soundproof. When going from one room to another, minimise the level of noise by soundproofing the edges. It also helps reduce the sound the door makes when it’s being slammed closed. Take note, the material of the door has a part to play too.


If your eyes are the window to your soul, then doors are the portals of your home. Doors are not as easy to choose. As you can see, many factors have to be considered when finding the perfect door, especially if you are keen in a bedroom renovation. If you want to get the bang for your buck, choose a luxury interior design package that caters to your preferences and ideas.

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